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Are You Using the World of Warcraft Legion Companion App?


World of Warcraft Legion players are given a new tool to help with their fight against the Burning Legion. It is not a new weapon or a set of armor. It's not even an in game item. It's an app that gives them the possibility to remotely take care of things while being away from a computer. Here are the features provided by the World of Warcraft Legion Companion app. 
World quests can be checked thanks to the app. Players will see which world quests and emissary bounties are available. A map for each Legion zone displays active world quests and details about them such as rewards, requirements and time left to complete. It's not possible to complete a quest within the app but players can do some planning for when they will log into the game. 
The app allows players to do follower management. The can check out their followers stats and equip them with gear. Another handy feature offered by the World of Warcraft Legion Companion app is recruit training. Players will never run out of recruits as they can give the training order from the mobile device and have their troops wait for them in game. 
Missions can be completed with the app. This is one of the most helpful app features. Players can not only check which missions are available but they can actually start them within the app. This is just like completing missions in game. Players select followers and troops and initiate the mission if they have enough resources for it. Rewards are obtained provided that the mission is successfully completed. This feature alone makes the World of Warcraft Legion Companion App a very handy tool for any WoW player. 
Class hall upgrade is another feature just as important as mission management. Players can see unlocked upgrades and they can also initiate the research process for those that have not been obtained yet. 
World of Warcraft Legion Companion is a free app for iOS and Android. Players need an Internet mobile connection and an active WoW account to use it. Simply play wow with this app and easily buy World of Warcraft Gold and cheap WOW Power Leveling service with u7buy.  

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