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World of Warcraft – Class Hall Introduction


World of Warcraft Legion brought a new feature called class hall. Players from the same class will unlock a location called class hall. These locations are not faction restricted. To unlock the class hall, players simply need to follow the Legion story quest. Class halls for different classes are located in various areas of the world but they are all accessible via a Dalaran portal. 
Artifact upgrade and customization are two of the features available from the class hall. Players can access the artifact tree and invest points in it from the class hall. They can also change the appearance of their artifact weapon. Class halls are also part of the Legion story. Players will meet NPCs that assign them quests. Some of these quests are class related making the Legion story progression a customized experience depending on played class. Players will eventually be able to choose the zone they would like to quest in from the class hall. Class hall missions are also available at this location. These are somewhat similar to Warlords of Draenor missions. Players send followers and spend resources to acquire various types of rewards. Unlike Draenor garrisons that allowed players to have lots of followers, class halls allow them to have just a few. Players can also select a follower to become a companion when questing or doing activities in Legion zones. Class hall order resources are used to start missions. These are mostly acquired by completing world quests. Order resources are also used to unlock the order advancement tree. The last tier in this tree allows players to equip one more legendary item. 
The class hall houses NPCs with various functions. Some of them are found in all class halls but some are class restricted. For example, the rogue class hall is home to the black auction market NPC. All players will find in their class hall an NPC that sells class hall equipment ranging from 810 to 850 World of Warcraft item level. All sorts of vendors, training dummies and more NPCs are found in a class hall. Want to play better? Buy World of Warcraft Gold from u7buy now!     

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