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World of Warcraft - Hunter Specializations


Beast Mastery is a World of Warcraft Hunter specialization that allows the player to cast abilities while moving. Because of this mechanic, Beast Mastery is the recommended specialization for new players that are just starting with raiding or Mythic dungeons. Being able to move is a great thing as players can quickly change location without losing DPS. A big part of the damage is done by the pet that has to be in melee range of its target. The pet's abilities are manually cast by the Hunter. Beast Mastery is a good specialization for Mythic+ dungeons as it has strong single target burst DPS and good AOE. When compared to other specializations, it's the weakest in terms of DPS but it makes up for this with the casting movement mechanic. Beast Masters are also the only Hunters who can tame exotic beasts. 
Marksmanship is one of the best World of Warcraft DPS specializations. Players who choose this specialization are not pet dependent. One of the first talents unlocked at level 15, allows players to completely give up the Hunter's ability to summon a pet in exchange for 18% more damage. Marksmanship has superb single target and AOE damage but it has one big disadvantage: the lack of mobility. This is why this specialization is recommended to be played only by skilled veteran players. In the hands of a starting Hunter, Marksmanship will not achieve its full damaging potential. 
Survival is the World of Warcraft melee Hunter specialization. When it comes to DPS, Survival is not as good as Marksmanship but it's better than Beast Mastery. The trouble with Survival is that it has to be perfectly mastered to output good DPS. The specialization offers amazing burst AOE and decent single target damage. Survival offers a unique way to play the Hunter and that's why players choose it over the other two specializations. However, if player's concern is top DPS and play style is not that important the recommended specialization is Marksmanship for hardcore raiding. Now cheap WOW Power Leveling service is available for all specializaions. World of Warcraft Gold is on sale for all servers too t help you play well with Hunter. 

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