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World of Warcraft TIPS that the veterans use


Well newbie you have come to the right place to ask questions like these. See, first you steal a pro players account and you are pretty much good to go in World of Warcraft. Ok I’m joking of course… I would never… Dream of doing that… But if you are stuck with some aspect of World of Warcraft, we have 8 tips prepared for you that will show you how the real big boys play World of Warcraft. Now get ready to learn from the best using these WoW tips.


-Addons are not just Blizzards cash-ins – This is quite rare in the world, but Blizzard is not a cop out and the add-ons are too much fun. Best yet, they offer you so much content and potential that they can sky rocket you to success.

- Friends make everything better. And if you have none…Well too bad.

-Be careful what you enchant, stick with enchanting only the high end items.

-Don’t buy from the Auction House.

-Damage meters are your friend.

-Click on targets to avoid accidents.

-Cut the loot hoarding. 

-Dying is ok, it’s not that big of a deal in World of Warcraft.

How will these help?

These World of Warcraft tips were mainly put in place just so you can take your mind off of things when it comes to tight situations which WoW is known for. These 8 World of Warcraft tips are sure to bring you great success in the future, if you use them correctly that is. And if you don’t…Well I’m sure there are some other people around that want to become World of Warcraft pros. During playing, WOW gold always help you a lot, if you need, u7buy is a good choice. 

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