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World of Warcraft Tips that not everyone knows


World of Warcraft has been around for years now and I am slowly getting the urge to go back in again. Ah the days of slaying pigs for EXP still grasp me and cause nostalgic flashbacks to mom’s basement. But enough about my childhood, we are here to tell you about the World of Warcraft tips you never knew. You might have known them at some point but I already wrote the title for this article so there is no going back now. So, let’s get ready to learn a bit about World of Warcraft. 

The Tips

It seems unbelievable, but there are those out there in Azeroth who don’t know that pressing the numlock key will cause your character to auto run.

In combat, it’s sometimes necessary to use the /assist command to automatically attack the same target as the main tank. Shocker, F does the same thing.

Are you sick of repeatedly right clicking to purchase from vendors? Did you know that you can shift+click to open a window to specify how many items you’d like to buy at a time, up to 20?

-Socket colors are not a rule so much as a guideline. Red gems can go in yellow sockets ya know. SCREW THE SYSTEM. 

Getting back in?

There are actually a lot more unknown tips in World of Warcraft like that you can actually eat and drink at the same time to regenerate mana and health, but more on that at another date. With these tips above I urge you to go back in the world of World of Warcraft ( I love the way that sounds btw) and see how better the game feels knowing this. Good luck and have a tone of fun for me. 

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