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World of Warcraft why you MUST avoid Nightbane Pick up Groups


All of us like to play World of Warcraft from now and then and all of us are aware that some players tend to be real  from time to time. But there is now a giant problem with Nightbane and specifically when running the dungeon Nightbane is located in with a PUG (Pick up Group). This exploit ruined the game for one player who shared the news and if you don’t watch out, it will ruin yours too. So here is the big deal with Nightbane in World of Warcraft.

Why you MUST avoid Nightbane

The player mentioned on Reddit that he was playing a run in World of Warcraft and was about to slay Nightbane with some random pick up group. But due to a tragic turn of events, he was kicked out right as the boss was about to die. That’s right folks, if you try to slay Nightbane in WOW with some random PUG (not the cute dogs) you will have a large chance of getting kicked out at the very end just so they can take it all. This transgression is bannable with sufficient proof but until it’s fixed, stay away from Nightbane.

So what now?

In the world of… World of Warcraft (boy that sounds dumb) you can only trust those closest to you and with Nightbane it is no joke. Nightbane is a very popular run due to the sheer amount of valuable loot that you can net for yourself in there but it’s not worth the time now since Blizzard has yet to reply and fix this error. We hope that this warning has got to you in time, and for those that have had the misfortune to be tricked like this I have to say. HA, LOSER LOL.  At last, u7buy is a reliable website to provide cheap WOW gold, please pay attention.

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