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Which Mage Specialization to Choose in World of Warcraft Legion


Arcane specialization is currently one of the best World of Warcraft damage dealing specializations. It works well in dungeons and raids. Arcane mages excel at single target burst damage and they also do decent AOE damage. For single target damage, this specialization heavily relies on cooldowns and that can be a disadvantage at times. Arcane specialization grants access to spells like Blink and Displacement that allow the player to quickly change location. Greater Invisibility spell removes threat and decreases 60% of the incoming damage. It has a two minutes cooldown. This spell can be a real life saver in raid encounters with heavy AOE. It's also helpful because it allows healers to save some mana. 
Fire specialization is at the moment to be avoided by players who want to do serious raiding. It's a good specialization for dungeons but it lacks strong single target damage. It really shines on encounters with lots of stacked targets. It is also good for taking care of priority adds. Fire specialization depends on gear and stats. Players need the best WOW Items cheap in slot legendary, high item level equipment and good stats to do high damage. Fire specialization is best fitted for casual raiding if players really enjoy the mechanics. It does pretty well in dungeons, normal raids and even in heroic raid encounters in a casual setting but  Hardcore World of Warcraft players who want to raid heroic and above should go for arcane or frost. 
Frost specialization is good for situations in which crowd control is needed. Damage wise, frost is a viable raiding specialization. Frost mages have spells to deal with adds that need to be kited, slowed and quickly killed with burst damage. Some of the biggest frost specialization advantages are consistent single target damage and good mobility. Frost is excellent for low HP adds. This spec is also the most popular choice for leveling, world quests and max level PvE activities. 
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