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Which Rogue Specialization to Choose in World of Warcraft


Assassination specialization for World of Warcraft Rogues is currently the best one for those who plan on doing heroic and mythic raiding. Very high DPS is obtained with poisons and bleed abilities. Assassination is one of the best raiding specs for single target DPS and does fairly good AOE damage. Its weakest point is burst damage as it lacks abilities to inflict high damage over a short period of time. It takes time for the damage to build up so Assassination rogues will primarily focus on bosses. The best secondary stat for Assassination is mastery, followed by critical strike and versatility, with haste being the least valuable attribute. 
Outlaw is a controversial specialization because it's built on an ability that provides random buffs. Roll the Bones is a finishing move that consumes combo points to generate up to six damage enhancing buffs. Two of the buffs are awesome for damage increase, two are decent and the remaining two are not that good. The idea is to roll until at least one of the primary buffs is obtained or until at least two or three buffs (depending on the situation) are generated. The trouble with Roll the Bones buffs is that they are randomly generated and players end up losing combo points to achieve a good buff combination. This makes Outlaw an extremely unreliable specialization, especially for hardcore raiding. It's ok for normal raiding and even for casual heroic. It's also good for mythic dungeons as it has good cleave damage. 
Subtlety is currently the weakest Rogue specialization. It's also the most difficult one to master. With the right secondary stats and best in slot legendary items, Subtlety can provide good damage but the time, effort and grind are not really worth it. Subtlety is considered the most Rogue-ish specialization. It has special abilities to activate Stealth and to perform damage over time attacks. To excel with Subtlety means keeping Stealth up as much as possible and this can be challenging for new players. This World of Warcraft Rogue spec is good for dungeons and normal raids and might even be decent in heroic mode as long as the player is an experienced Rogue. Hope this article will help you when you choosing specialization. Visit u7buy.com when you need cheap WOW gold, safe wow Power Leveling. Aslo staty tuned with u7buy for more wow news and articles. 

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