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World of Warcraft – Battle for Azeroth Zone Guide


Alliance - Kul Tiras. This is the new zone for World of Warcraft Alliance players. It's an island whose native human inhabitants are skilled sailors. The last world event Kul Tiras was involved in was during the Second War. Its citizens don't care much about Azeroth politics and live a secluded life. In Battle for Azeroth, Alliance heroes get the chance to reach the island and convince the nation of Kul Tiras to fight for their faction. This main zone has three sub-zones. Just like in Legion, all zones will be level scaled. Tiragarde Sound is the zone in which the main Kul Tiras city is found. This is Boralus and is home to the Proudmoore House. Drustvar is a mountain area. Stormsong Valley is a fertile area that is a great place for farms. Several dungeons are found in Kul Tiras. One of them is Siege of Boralus. Tol Dagor and Freehold are Tiragarde Sound dungeons. Shrine of the Storm dungeon is in Stormsong Valley and Waycrest Manor can be found in Drustvar. 
Horde – Zandalar. World of Warcraft Horde players will seek help by allying themselves with the Zandalari empire. This is a troll sub-faction. Just like the Alliance area, Zandalar has three level scaled sub-zones. Nazmir has common troll elements but also a Titans and Old Gods themed location. Players will adventure into a dungeon called The Underrot where they must fight against the corruption that is spreading in Zandalar. The capital of the empire is the city of Zuldazar. This ancient city is an important part of Azeroth's history because it is the first built city. Horde players get to meet the leaders and help with a local conflict. Atal'Dazar and King's Rest are the dungeons found here. The third Horde area is Voldun. It's has a desert landscape and it is inhabited by Vulpera and Sethrak races. The dungeon found in this area is the Temple of Sethraliss. The two main Battle for Azeroth zones were shown at Blizzcon 2017 when the expansion was revealed. 

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