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World of Warcraft – Midsummer Fire Festival Overview


Summer in World of Warcraft is a time for celebration. Although most raiding guilds take a break for the summer, there are still plenty of activities to complete. One of them is the Midsummer Fire Festival event. The celebration takes place in Azeroth and in Outland. Players are invited to head to the nearest capital city and to find a flame warden or a flame keeper. These NPCs will give players the starting quests for the event. But the most popular festival activity is desecrating the faction's bonfires. These bonfires are found in various locations. Players' job is to put them out. The bonfires' location becomes a veritable battleground as members of the Horde and Alliance engage in PvP. During the festival, players will also receive a buff if they dance around the fire pole. The buff lasts for one hour.
Just like other World of Warcraft events, the Midsummer Fire celebration has daily quests. Snuffing Out the Flames and Fire Juggling are some of the available dailies. The rewards for completing these quests include a festival token called Burning Blossoms. The blossoms represent currency that is accepted by special festival vendors. The NPCs sell all sorts of World of Warcraft items including the Spirit of Summer pet that costs 350 tokens. The vendors also sell clothes and festival themed food. Two tabards can be collected during the festival.
This is one of the events that require players to adventure into a dungeon. Players need to be at least level 85 for this activity which you could get very fast with buying WOW Power Leveling service. They can use the dungeon finder to access this special dungeon boss. This is the only time when players can fight against Frost Lord Ahune. The most desired piece of loot from Ahune is the Frigid Frostling pet. The festival is also a great opportunity to get some achievements. There are 16 event related achievements and one meta achievement. A title is a reward for completing six of these achievements. Alliance players will become Flame Wardens while Horde players will be Flame Keepers.

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