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World of Warcraft – Uldir Tactics Part 1


Taloc. This is one of the easiest World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth raid encounters. It has three phases triggered by Taloc's HP. In the first phase, players that have Plasma Discharge must drop it at a designated location. During Cudgel of Gore, the tank will run to that area so the boss will clear the floor. The bolts from the Sanguine Static should be avoided. In phase 2, players will deal with adds. Volatile Droplet adds explode on impact and do a knockback so make sure not to fall off the platform. Phase three is similar to phase one but it has Volatile Droplet adds. 
Mother. This is the second Uldir boss and the encounter takes place in a location divided in three rooms. The raid will divide into teams and will go over to the next room when the raid leader announces. The encounter starts will all the players in one room. One tank will take the boss and make sure to side step the Sanitizing Strike attack from the boss. Players also have to watch out for fire and the wind that pushes them. There will also be lasers to dodge in the second room. The group that passes to the second room must make sure that all adds are interrupted. Eventually, all the players will be in the second room. The group with the boss is the last one to cross. Taloc and Mother are the first two bosses and they will be killed in this order. The next three: Zek'voz, Vectis, and Zul can be killed in any order. If you have any trouble with this part, buy WOW Power Leveling service will be safe and easy. 
Zek'voz, Herald of N'Zoth. This is an encounter with a lot of mechanics. The tanks will have to swap after a Void Lash-Shatter-Void Lash combo. DPS need to get away from the group when they have the Eye Beam on them. If they have the Roiling Deceit buff, they must drop it far from the group. There will also be some orbs that need to be soaked. All players have to avoid the Surging Darkness ground AOE and prepare enough World of Warcraft gold. The adds take priority over the boss and they must be interrupted.

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