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World of Warcraft - Take Part in These Weekly Events to Maximize Your Rewards


Timewalking Dungeon Events. A World of Warcraft timewalking dungeon event allows players to revisit dungeons from old expansions and to get level appropriate rewards. Dungeons are level scaled so that encounters pose a decent challenge. Mechanics are the same as in the original dungeon. The gear that drops from monsters and bosses is also level scaled, you could get your character good for fight with WOW Power Leveling service nline. Bosses in timewalking dungeons drop items called Timewarped Badges. These badges are also obtained as a reward for completing the timewalking quest that requires players to complete five of these dungeons while the event is active. A Seal of Broken Fate and a piece of equipment from Tomb of Sargeras normal are part of the reward as well. Players use the badges as currency to get all sorts of items including gear and mounts. A timewalking dungeon event is dedicated to a certain expansion. For example, during the Northrend event players run Wrath of the Lich King dungeons while the Outland event is all about Burning Crusade dungeons. Players can use the dungeon finder to queue for timewalking dungeons. 
Legion Dungeon Bonus Event. During this event, all end bosses on normal, heroic, and mythic no keystone drop additional rewards. The quest for this event requires players to complete four dungeons on mythic. The reward includes heroic equipment from Tomb of Sargeras. 
World Quests Bonus Event. There is no better time to get Legion reputation than during this event when all reputation gains are boosted by 50%. The quest requires players to complete 20 world quests. The reward is 5,000 order resources. 
Pet Battle Bonus Event. Throughout this event, players receive 200% more XP from pet battles. The quest associated with this event requires players to win three battles with level 25 pets. They will get an Ultimate Battle Training Stone. 
Battlegrounds Bonus Event. This is the week to accumulate Honor as all gains from battlegrounds are boosted by 50%. Players who complete the quest by winning four battlegrounds will get one Glory of the Melee token, a Badge of Honor, and five Marks of Honor and World of Warcraft Gold
Arena Skirmish Bonus Event. During this week, all players who take part in arena skirmishes get 50% more Honor. The quest that requires them to win 10 skirmishes rewards a PvP loot box.  

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