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World of Warcraft - What You Need to Know About Hallow's End


Hallow's End is World of Warcraft's reinterpretation of Halloween. The in-game event is celebrated in the last part of October. The event starts on the 18th of October and lasts until the 1st of November. The festivities honor the Forsaken's separation from the Scourge. Both Alliance and Horde celebrate this event. The main part of the celebration takes place outside Stormwind and in the Ruins of Lordaeron. In this area, players will find daily quest givers and vendors. It would appear that Hallow's End is all about annoying the other faction. The dailies give players fun tasks such as throwing stink bombs in the enemy faction's city and extinguishing their Wickerman. They are also tasked with removing bombs from their cities and setting the Wickerman on fire. The Wickerman is found in the celebratory areas outside Stormwind and in the Ruins of Lordaeron. Once every four hours, Sylvanas Windrunner and Genn Greymane come to set the fire on themselves. 
The Headless Horseman is one of the important figures of Hallow's End. He is a former Knight of the Silver Hand. Now he is cursed and emerges each year during Hallow's End convinced that only he is alive while everyone else is dead. He is a special event boss inside Scarlet Monastery. By killing him, player obtain event related items, rings, a pet, and a mount. As one can expect, the mount has a very low drop chance. The Headless Horseman also arrives in Alliance and Horde villages where he sets buildings on fire. Players can lend a hand in the villagers' fight against him and earn prizes. Each inn also offers a quest that is completed on the spot by interacting with the giant pumpkin that is found right there. By taking part in Hallow's End activities players earn Tricky Treats. These are used as World of Warcraft Gold to buy pets, costumes, toys, and WOW items that will help players get Hallow's End achievements. There are 11 event related achievements totaling 110 points. Players receive “the Hallowed” title for completing them all. 

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