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Elder Scrolls Online Article

Elder Scrolls Online has a system that allows players to transform their costumes and hats into unique items by dyeing them. This is a premium feature that only subscription paying players can use. Players can do this by using a dye...

Elder Scrolls Online has primary and secondary stats. Unlike other MMORPG games where characters have stats based on their class, in Elder Scrolls Online all classes share the same attributes. Each time players level up Elder...

The Clockwork City is one of the Elder Scrolls Online DLC packs that will be released in 2017. A new zone to explore, a new quest line, and a new 12man trial are part of the DLC. The Clockwork City is a settlement built by Sotha...

Elder Scrolls Online players who acquire the Horns of the Reach DLC unlock two new dungeons: Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold. The Reachmen and their allies, the Minotaurs, have been giving Jerall Mountains citizens troubles for a...

The base version of Elder Scrolls Online has improved thanks to an update that implements combat cues customization, alliance points and crafting writs sharing, more guild permissions, guild invite history, the option to cancel a...

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