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Welcome to Final Fantasy XIV virtual items homepage on This page is for our Final Fantasy XIV GIL and Final Fantasy XIV Power leveling customers to know more about this game. Some useful tips and strategies on FFXIV gameplay will be given out on this page, including FFXIV Guildleves quest system, armoury system and other valuable FFXIV Power leveling Guide.
There are two kinds of quest in Final Fantasy XIV: class quest and Guildleves. Playing with guildleve is a good way to power level Final Fantasy XIV. You can earn Final Fantasy XIV GIL, equipment and items from doing these quests.
1. Where to sign up?
Eorzea has six NPCs that will grant you Guildleves: Three for Regional and three for Local. Final fantasy XIV power level Regional include Battlecraft Leves, Fieldcraft Leves, Faction Leves, and Tutorial Leves. Local Levequests are crafting quests for each of the crafting classes.
Regional Guildleve NPCs:
• Piralnaut in Limsa Lominsa
• Totonawa in Ul'dah
• Gontrant in Gridania
Local Levequest NPCs:
• T'mokkri in Limsa Lominsa
• Eustace in Ul'dah
• Tierney in Gridania
2. How to exchange guildleves?
You can have a maximum of 8 local and regional guildleves. So a total of 8 battle quests and 8 crafting quests. Once you complete them you can trade the lower level leves to accept the new higher leves with FFXIV GIL bonus. You can pick up to 4 Leves to turn in. The Final Fantasy XIV GIL bonus is not cumulative. If your new Leve has a reward of 1,000 Gil in Final Fantasy XIV and you exchange 4 qualifying ones, you will get 1,400 FF14 GIL, which is very valuable to Final fantasy XIV power level .
3. How to get guild mark in FFXIV?
Guild Marks are a type of Currency used to purchase improved Battle and Trait actions from a guild representative. They are earned by doing quests or leves for the guild. No matter FFXIV pugilist guild mark or Culinarian guild mark, you can get them through this way.
4. How to return failed guild leves?
When doing Final Fantasy XIV Powerleveling, if the guild leves failed, it will be very frustrating. Then how to return? If you log out, are kicked from the game, crash, stray too far from the zone, or let the timer run out you will fail the leve. However, if the Guildleve holder crashes while in a group, logs back in and the Leve is still active, he/she can go back to the crystal to reactivate it. You must rejoin the group in order to do this, and travel back to the Aetheryte to reactivate.
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