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Final Fantasy XIV is the fourteenth installment of Final Fantasy series that released in 2010. On our site, we can offer three regions( NA, EU,JP) for PC players, and the ffxiv gil, final fantasy xiv power leveling and FF14 items also can be offered to you. The cheap price and fast start can give you the best experience for final fantasy xiv service buying here.

Final Fantasy XIV Article

All Saints Wake is the Eorzean version of Halloween. This holiday is celebrated in-game since A Realm Reborn was released. This event is attractive because it comes with new content each year. Players will want to complete it to...

Elder Scrolls Online characters die when their HP reaches zero. The death mechanic features a penalty and two resurrection options. When players die, their items lose durability. This effect stacks so players can end up with useless...

Kottos. This is the first boss encountered in the Copperbell Mines. The fight is extremely easy, it's pretty much just like fighting a mob that deals more damage and has more HP. There are no special tactics but there is a catch....

Final Fantasy XIV logs offer an additional way of getting XP. These logs are simple kill and retrieve assignments. There are two types of logs: hunting and gathering. Each class has its own log with different tasks. Players can...

The Samurai is one of the two new jobs from the Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood expansion. Players that want to try this new class need to first have a level 50 disciple of magic or war character. They also need to have the...

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