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FFXIV Cooking Power Leveling Guide

Culinarian is a very interesting discipline in Final Fantasy XIV. This FFXIV Power leveling Guide for Culinarian will show you the basic knowleage of cooking in Final Fantasy 14. This guide begins with explaining the role culinarians played in FFXIV and introducing the four important elements of cooking in FFXIV one by one, from ingredients to experience.

Role of Culinarians in FFXIV

In Final Fantasy XIV, cooking is ostensibly not a guild worthy craft, a true warrior knows that no man can fight on an empty stomach. Culinarians satisfy appetites all day long with the use of Skillets and Chef’s Knives. As they acquire various ingredients from across Eorzea, these master chefs can help other adventurers maintain their strength in combat.

In FFXIV, “dishes” prepared by the culinarians help revitalizing Tactical Points(TP) or Magic Points(MP) depending on the class of the character. However, the flavor of the dish and its regenerative powers are contingent on the many factors, from ingredients to utensils to the kitchen facilities themselves.

These datum of culinarians’ role is summed up by our Final Fantasy XIV Power leveling experts through studyng into the inforamtion about culinarians since the closed beta.

FFXIV Cooking Ingredients

As in real life, if you want to be a good culinarian, you need to have the best ingridients. Traveling through local bazaars, the culinarian knows that the perfect meal starts with hunting for a good deal. With limited FFXIV GIL in your pocket, discovering blowout sales on vegetables and mark downs on prime pieces of aldgoat chuck can make the difference between a culinary dish and a fast food meal.

Cooking Location in Final Fantasy XIV

The legendary kitchen facilities at the Culinarians’ Guild can improve the quality of your foods or larger yields. However, the FFXIV gil surcharge for using these facilities are quite high, and a bargain cook knows that there is more than one way to skin a fish into a delicious fillet. By wandering to nearby encampments, a Culinarian can cater a specific meal to an adventurer, and cook as much as he or she sells, thereby earning more Final Fantasy XIV GIL.

FF14 Culinarians Kitchenware

As with any other skill, your tools has the ability to make or break you. Make sure you equip yourselves with high quality knives and instruments and it will definitely have a very positive effect on your flavor and yield.

FFXIV Cooking Experience

Every novice cook should always use the exact target crystals specified to construct a recipe. Over time, once you become a skilled cook, simply placing the ingredients in your skillet will be enough to prepare a high quality meal with your own unique flavor taken from you, the culinarian’s own soul and character.

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