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FIFA 17 Article

We will not teach them any combination of buttons they do not know, nor teach them any secret trick to repel the ball when approaching our area. They are a matter of concept, some typical rookie mistakes that need to be avoided and...

Each person enjoys different way to soccer. There are those who like to see it, others play it in real life and many others like to play FIFA 17. Every good football fan knows that football teams change month by month and year by...

Among the innovations that have been included in FIFA 17 have improved many aspects of the shots of free kicks and the controversial penalties now entering many more factors at stake. It should be clarified that now requires more...

We have started this trip with you from the first moment you embarked on this adventure called FIFA 17. It has been difficult, it has been hard, but we are sure of something: we are becoming better players of FIFA 17. In part 1...

In the past occasion, we told you the importance of being patient, relaxing and learning. On this occasion, our friends tell us how to become better players at an analytical level. Without further ado, let's begin! Analyze...

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