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FIFA 18 Article

FIFA 18 has just surprised all users with a publication on Twitter. Through the social network announced that only for 48 hours will be available again the players of the Ultimate Scream team. Benzema, Ribéry and Özil make up the...

Creating a dream team is also possible in FIFA Ultimate Team or FUT, a FIFA mode that allows players to create their own lineup. Unlike Comunio, in this game you can create a club with foreign league players and control them at all...

Electronic Arts commitment to retake ties with Nintendo through FIFA 18 seemed the most propitious, although the lower quality of the version makes those who have two platforms are mostly decided to buy the desktop and not the...

The release of 'FIFA 18' for Nintendo Switch has raised more scales than it should between hybrid fans and sports simulator fans. This one who writes you celebrated his announcement so loud that the echo lasted in the hall for a few...

If you have the best players in FIFA 18, you can see them in our TOP 100, but you do not know how to take advantage, you will not win many games. That is why you should take advantage of the set pieces because they are a mine to...

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