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NBA 2K17 Article

NBA 2k17 is a game that everyone has grown to love, if you ignore the park DLC thing that they tried to push. The game offers you a lot of neat stuff but there are some players and mechanics buried deep into the game and you can’t...

Shooting 3-pointers in NBA 2k17 is a challenge every time and you will need a professionally made tip article that will save your life. Luckily we have created such article for shooting 3-pointers in NBA 2k17 that will make sure you...

EA has run into a few problems with the Park After Dark update to NBA 2k17 in that… It was very, very, very bad… and that’s not exaggerating… The content is coming back though and you can enjoy amazing music in NBA 2k17 as you are...

Defense is an important part of any sport and basketball is no exception.  In the fast paced gameplay of NBA 2k17 , you don’t really have much time to react to things around you and you will have to set up a good defense plan...

Well it’s that time again to analyze something ingame just to tell you, our faithful viewer, how much you are getting screwed over by NBA 2k17 at times. Don’t get us wrong, there can be wonderful players in the Dropping 50’s pack,...

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