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We know NBA is a series basketball video game, it is a multiple-platform game which is designed based on IOS and Android. No matter which platform do you play, NBA coins are important. U7buy is a reliable seller, and we provide NBA Mobile Coins with cheapest price for all IOS and android players. You can prepare with other sites before buying. And our staff will deliver your NBA Live Mobile Coins fast. If you haven’t receive your NBA Live Coins for long time, we offer the refund policy. So, visit us and get best NBA Mobile Coins service.

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Cheap price always be the most important factor to consider for all buyers. U7buy provide a special way to get the lowest price for NBA Mobile coins, it is discount code. There are three methods to get discount code. Usually, our staff will share the code information on our facebook and twitter on certain time, such as Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, and especially, our members’ day on every 7th, please pay attention.

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NBA Live Mobile Season 2 wiped all old sets and added new ones. One of the new set categories that are a great way to obtain some starting player cards is Ball is Life. There are eight sets in this category.  The first set,...

NBA Live 18 players begin their journey by creating a character that will represent them in game. The companion app allows them to create a realistic face scan and to use this model to personalize the game avatar. There is also a...

NBA Live Mobile players that have already started playing in Season 2 might have noticed a feature called reputation. This is a currency that debuted in Season 2. Players can see how much reputation they have by checking the...

Starting with November 17th, NBA Live Mobile players have a new program to enjoy. The Fall Festival brings new content such as live events, sets, and rewards. Players can begin by completing program themed live events. ...

The Welcome and the Daily Chance packs are free packs. The Welcome Pack contains two player items that are at least bronze and silver quality. This pack can be claimed only one time. The Daily Chance pack has one silver NBA...

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