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Easy Way to Make Money in Guild Wars 2


Players of Guild Wars 2 enjoy free online play along with their purchase and can group together to complete quests and accomplish other objectives. The game relies on player trade and item sales to power its economy; players with less money will find themselves weaker than better geared party members or player versus player (PvP) opponents. Luckily, the game offers a few easy ways to make GW2 gold so that newer players can catch up to veterans.
1. Hire a mercenary to cover your character's weaknesses. This means hiring a healer if you are primarily a melee fighter, a melee fighter if you attack from range or a ranged attacker if you are a healer and tank class combination.
2. Travel to the open areas outside of the major cities. The cities will change based on your version of Guild Wars2, but the final gathering areas in the game are also located near the best locations for loot drops.
3. Defeat every opponent you can see. Defeated enemies will drop loot including rare kits, armor, weaponry or even money.
4. Pick up the valuable drops. Do not waste your time with broken or common items. The real money is made from the rarer loot so don't fill your inventory with inexpensive gear.
5. Sell the dropped loot to other players or merchants. Some of the most expensive items in the game, such as dye kits and weapon materials, can be found through this method and turned into cash for your character.
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