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Vindictus Power Leveling Guide for Newbie


Are you going to join in vindictus power leveling? Then you must know the first thing for you to start leveling up your character should be earning more vindictus gold. Besides, there are so many things you should get to know, as follow, you will get the list of information you should learn first to prepare your leveling.
1 party
Parity makes completing dungeons easier, for example, one party member can use a chain Hook to hold down a boss while the rest of the party focuses on attacking. If you become incapacitated, party members can revive you.
Press the ‘invite’ button in the party window to invite people to your party. If you are not in a party, type or invite in the chat window to open the invite prompt. When a party leader launches a boat, only people in that party or people not in any party can board.
2 Boarding Boats
The Crimson Blades use boats to form parties and travel to dungeons. So you must first board to get a dungeon. You can board boats at the Dock. If you are not a party, you will automatically join one when you board a boat. However, if you are in a party, you may only board boats that have been launched by your party leader.
Battle Difficulty
You may select one of three difficulty modes: Normal, Hard, or hero. Choose a difficulty mode when launching a boat at the dock. Or go to option to set your difficulty mode. (The default difficulty is normal.) What are the differences between Normal, Hard, and Hero? In normal mode, monsters don’t attack as often and you can bring more secondary weapons with you. Also, you can see boss HP bars. In Hard mode, monsters attack more often and hit harder. In Hero mode, monsters hit extremely hard and often, but also have a chance to drop some special rewards.
Methods to Earn EXP (oath of Honor)
The more you level up, the more skills and battle quests you’ll get, earn EXP by competing battle quests and story quests. To level up faster, you can complete bonus missions and Oaths of Honor. You will most likely need a party. In a party, your EXP is split when you defeat Fomors, but your party members will help you complete dungeons faster.
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