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I just ordered coins and from the moment the payment went through, it must have took no more than 5 mins. That has been the fastest I have ever received my order. Will definitely come back to this site in the future. Looking forward to Fifa15.

Amazing Service fast and Cheap! | FIFA 14

A friend suggested this to me, i have bought three lots of coins first time took around 20 mins but the other two times it came in under 10 minutes. The cheapest website on the web. Under £1/100k!!! Definitely coming here in the future for my coins! amazing website keep it up!

Great Service

I got my coins quickly. Very trustworthy.

Nicole Davies07/26/2014

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RIFT gold - 15 MIN Delivery Promise

As a rule, we will deliver your rift gold to your charactar in 15 minutes upon verification of your payment, except in the server maintenance or system update period. After you completing payment, please contact us via live chat, our CSR will tell you the trade location.

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Rift gold is full in stock at u7buy.com. Welcome new and old customers to purchase. Regarded as the trustworthy virtual in-game currency trade platform, u7buy provides 15 minutes delivery, security guarantee and 24hours online service to every Rift: Planes of Telara player. Rift gold customers’ satisfaction is always our great pursuit. We sincerely hope every customer can benefit from our reliable service. Buy rift gold at u7buy.com, Pleasure and safety will accompany you.
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About Rift: Planes of Telara

Rift Overview
Previously known as Heroes of Telara, rift is a new fantasy MMORPG from Trion worlds. When this fantastic game releases in 2011, thousands of rift power leveling players will be able to adventure together to save a world being torn apart by magical rifts that unleash deadly planar invasions. Exciting adventure in rift is about to begin. Stockpiling a large ton of cheap rift gold now, it will be easier for you to survive in the trion worlds.
Unique Ascended System
Rift enables players to get access to a distinctive ascended system. Every player is one of the ascended. As an ascended, during the time of farming rift gold, players can collect and embrace the souls of Telara’s ancient champions to gain their unique powers and abilities. The real charm lies in the Soul Attunement system, which provides players nearly endless customization. Whether buy rift gold or farm it themselves, players are encouraged to experiment with many combinations of souls and abilities. When creating a character, players need to choose an ascended soul from one of the four following callings, warrior, cleric, mage and rogue. As these initial souls become more specialized and flexible, players can later select to augment, or even replace, embraced souls with other souls from within their calling. As to rift gold making players, this process of enabling souls in players’ adventures is called Soul Attunement.


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