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Great and Cheap

decent service but a great price and worth the wait. only took an hour!!!

Get ready!

saving up money to buy coins from here again! See you soon!!

Fifa 14 coins

This was my first time buying coins, so I was a little unsure at first. I did my research and found the u7 had the best prices for fifa coins. It took a little over an hour to get my coins but I got the coins and there was good customer support in the live chat. I will come back here again.


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Buy Rift Platinum, why choose us?

U7BUY always keeps huge Rift platinum stocks for all clients, and we guarantee that we will give you instant delivery of Rift platinum. It is within 15 minutes after you payment.

Big savings from lowest possible prices and frequent discounts on it.

Secure transactions of Rift platinum via our protected website. And your account will not be banned, because our platinum is handmade.

Once you have any question about Rift platinum, please contact with our CSR, they are online 7/24.

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12.36 USD

off 2%

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199.74 USD

247.10 USD

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239.69 USD

Buy Rift Platinum instant delivery

moneybookersWelcome to our company to buy Rift Platinum, we have full stocks for you and you do not worry about the number of platinum. We guarantee that we will give you instant delivery in Rift Platinum. Generally, we send platinum to you within 15 minutes after your payment, but during the server maintains or the system updates, there will be a little delayed, but will not exceed 24 hours.

Buy Rift Platinum without banned

moneybookersHave you ever bought the illegal platinum? Have you ever cheated by other suppliers? If yes, are you thinking about where to buy secure Rift Platinum. Our website is going to offer you safe Rift Platinum, it is farmed by our skilled and experienced levelers, it is manual, so please feel assured that your account will not be banned.

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Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account!

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moneybookersRift is released for a long time, we will offer you cheap Rift Platinum. Our price is lower than other suppliers, and we will give some discounts or privileges for the old customers and the new customers, and if you are my new customer, you will get 3% discount when you first log in, we promise that you will buy cheapest Rift Platinum. Our company also provides you Rift power leveling, if you want to know more information about it, please click it directly.