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About Hay Day Farm Pass and Hay Day Diamond Top Up

The Hay Day Farm Pass is a typical season pass activity where players complete quests to progress through the levels. The difference is that the rewards of the Hay Day Farm Pass are perks that only take effect during the season like extra slots and spin events.
Hay Day Diamond is the premium currency in the game. Although it's not necessary to progress in the game, it can ease your gameplay greatly. You can buy extra slots, skip the waiting time, and even fill up the missing Hay Day items directly.

How to Get Diamonds in Hay Day?

Players can obtain Hayday Diamond in the game by the following methods:
●Complete achievements
●Catching new fish
●Excavating them in the mine
●Finding them in Mystery Boxes and Treasure Chests
●Finding them in Seasonal Mystery Gifts in the fishing area
●Watching ads
●Participating in events
●Maintenance compensation
●Popping Tom's balloon
●Reaching a derby threshold
●Leveling up
Although you can get Hayday Diamonds for free through these methods, the quantities are small. If you want to get a lot of diamonds quickly, the only way is to top up Hay Day Diamonds in the in-game store or on an online trading platform. Buying in the in-game store is simple and straightforward, but the Hay Day Diamonds top up service on the online marketplaces is more cost-effective.

Where to Top Up Hay Day Diamonds and Hay day Farm Pass?

Are you looking for an online marketplace to fulfill your Hay Day Diamond and Farm Pass top up needs? Look no further than U7BUY! As an experienced online trading platform, U7BUY offers a wide range of virtual products and services.
Why should you choose U7BUY as your go-to marketplace? Here are the key factors that make U7BUY stand out:
Friendly prices: At U7BUY, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the fun of games. That's why we offer competitive prices for our Hay Day top up services, ensuring affordability for all players.
Fast delivery speed: We understand the importance of receiving your digital products promptly. Our professional sellers work diligently to speed up the delivery process, allowing you to jump right into the game after payment.
Around-the-clock Customer Service: If you encounter any problems during your purchase of Hay Day Diamond and Farm Pass top up or have questions about the paid orders, our online customer service is available 24/7 to provide you with prompt help.
Join our community of satisfied customers now and enhance your Hay Day gaming experience with U7BUY.

How to Top Up Hay Day Diamonds and Hay Day Farm Pass on U7BUY?

1.Log in to your U7BUY account. If you don’t have an account, please register one.
2.Select the denomination of Hay Day Diamond.
3.Enter your Hay Day Player Tag.
4.Select your payment method and make payment.
5.Once the payment is completed, the Hay Day Diamond will be recharged to your account soon.

How to find Your Hay Day Player Tag?

1.Log in to the game using your account.
2.Tap on the gear icon in the bottom right corner.
3.Tap on the book icon and your Player Tag will be displayed under the search box.
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