Final Fantasy XV

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FFXV Article

It’s kind of strange to say that a dancing cactus is an iconic enemy in FFXV , but that is just the case. In Final Fantasy, you can kill these little bastards in order to get a huge reward that will, especially in the beginning of...

Well the game is finally here after so much hype and, to answer all of your questions, yes it is so worth the money. FFXV has done for Final Fantasy what MGSV TPP has done for Metal Gear. Bigger, better, sharper and way more...

The game is finally in my hands and I can’t tell you how overjoyed I am to have finally pira…Bought FFXV for my PC and started playing. FFXV is a brilliant game and I have to say that, yes the graphics are as amazing as they seem...

There is less than a month till Final Fantasy XV release. As all FFXV fans know that the whole story is focus on Noctis and his buddies Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto. However, the latest news which got confirmed by producer...

The FFXV which release date was delayed to November 29 recently be put in a chunk of pre-order. However, the developer Square Enix added this game for XBOX One and PlayStation 4 only. What about pc? And what’s the reason that FFXV...

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