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Madden NFL 18 Article

The achievements have been an important and necessary addition in recent years. The video game industry revolves practically around this trend and, according to the internet, in a few months we can buy games if we have enough...

Madden 18 is a complement and a powerful tool in the hands of those who enjoy football. Assembling your team, playing the game and winning make the game very interesting. Frostbite was a nice addition, but it requires fine tuning to...

Madden 18 offers three styles of play to attract more players and please the veterans. They are options that modify some elements of approach that make the game more casual or deep. The first is Arcade, which makes the game more...

Wade lost his mother as a child and his father Cutter Wade (played by Academy Award winning supporting actor in 2017, Mahershala Ali) in an auto accident. The loss of his father, who was his greatest enthusiast and part of the...

Completing Longshot can take us around 5/6 hours, and the biggest negative point is that you do not feel like a professional player, since the story ends the night of the draft. Nor will we dispute specific matches, but we will...

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