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Madden NFL 18 Article

Madden started simulating the Super Bowl in 2004 and has proven to be very accurate with his predictions. The video game record at that time is a strong 10-4, which is good news for Patriots fans. Last year, Madden was right to say...

The famous videogame has become a very important article in the NFL world, in recent years it has generated a lot of expectation among fans, mainly to discover who will be the player who will be on the cover. How much do you know...

Is football not your thing? Quiet, you are not the only one who has tried to see the Superbowl and has fallen asleep with the chatter of the beginning, is the usual. After all, it's something that you take away, that you already...

The achievements have been an important and necessary addition in recent years. The video game industry revolves practically around this trend and, according to the internet, in a few months we can buy games if we have enough...

Madden 18 is a complement and a powerful tool in the hands of those who enjoy football. Assembling your team, playing the game and winning make the game very interesting. Frostbite was a nice addition, but it requires fine tuning to...

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