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What are QQ Coins?

QQ Coin referred to as QB, is also known as Q Coin, Tencent Q Coin, etc. Usually, its exchange rate is 1Q coins = 1 RMB. QB is a virtual currency launched by Tencent, which can be used to purchase QQ membership services or spend on games operated by Tencent.
Tencent operates a large range of games and digital services in China, including videos, music, e-books, chat apps, and more. Memberships of these services or apps all offer the option of paying with QQ coins.
Many Chinese servers for popular online games are also operated by Tencent, such as League of Legends, Dungeon and Fighters, FIFA Online, Blade and Soul, Call of Duty Online, and Need for Speed Online. These games all have props that can be purchased with QQ coins.
If you need the online services provided by Tencent, then QQ coin top up is the most flexible option. Besides, you may even be able to use Q coins to buy real-life products.

About QQ Coin Top Up

There are many ways to obtain QQ coins, except purchasing Q coins directly on Tencent’s official website or QQ application. You can also buy Q Coin gift cards, recharge through your bank account, or even use the communication fee of your phone number to recharge Q coins.
However, these methods all have limits and pullbacks. If you live outside China or don't have the needed account or phone number, then your best shot is to top up QQ coins through a third-party marketplace, such as U7BUY. Third-party online trading platforms usually support various currencies and payment methods, allowing consumers around the world to freely enjoy online services in any country.
Not only that, third-party platforms can also get lower prices through long-term cooperation with suppliers. If you are patient, you can also wait until there are promotions before purchasing.

Why You Should Choose U7BUY to Recharge Q Coins?

U7BUY is a reliable and experienced platform that provides various virtual products and services, such as game currency and in-app currency direct recharge services. Our main goal is to provide you with quality products while ensuring excellent service quality.
One of our main advantages is the competitive price of our products. For customers who value cost-effectiveness, U7BUY is definitely your go-to option. Not only that, we understand the value of efficiency in online shopping, which is why our professional sellers ensure timely delivery of the QQ coins you purchase. 
If you encounter any problems during the purchase, there is no need to worry. Our customer support team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have about the QQ Coin recharge service.
By choosing U7BUY as your QQ recharge platform, you have chosen a seamless shopping experience. Join our community of satisfied customers today and make U7BUY your preferred destination for Q Coin recharge services.

How to Top Up QQ Coin?

1.Log in to your U7BUY account, if you don't have it, please register.
2.Select the QQ coin denomination.
3.Enter your QQ account number.
4.Select your payment method and check out.
5.Once payment is made, the Q coins will top up to your account shortly.
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