Enhance Your Summoners War Experience with Runes

Are you ready to take your Summoners War journey to the next level? Jump into the complicated universe of runes with this extensive guide, intended to show you how to treat runes with the necessary information and methodologies you need to streamline your monster’s actual potential and rule your opponents with ease.

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Understanding Rune Basics

In Summoners War, runes are the main factor to unlocking your monster’s true power. Each monster can equip up to six unique runes, offering plenty of customization options. By strategically combining runes, you can unlock powerful set bonuses that will enhance your monster’s combat power even further.

Types of Runes and Set Effects

From Energy to Swift, Fatal to Despair, runes come in different types, each of them offering unique stat boosts and set effects. Whether you’re looking to increase your monster’s attack power, defense, or speed, there’s a rune set tailored to your needs. Look at this fast cheat sheet underneath to recognize the runes you want and where to track down them:

RunesEffectPieces  Farming Locations  
EnergyHP +15%2Giants Keep
FatalAtk Power +35%4Giants Keep
BladeCritical Rate +12%2Giants Keep
SwiftAttack Speed +25%4Giants Keep
FocusAccuracy +20%2Giants Keep
DespairStun Rate +25%4Dragons Lair
GuardDefense +15%2Dragons Lair
EndureResistance +20%2Dragons Lair
RevengeCounterattack +15%2Dragons Lair
RageCritical Damage +40%4Necropolis
ViolentGet Extra Turn +22%4Dragons Lair
WillImmunity (+1 turn)2Necropolis
NemesisATK Gauge +4% (for every 7% HP lost)2Necropolis
ShieldAlly Shield 2 turns (15% of HP)2Necropolis
VampireLife Drain +35%4Necropolis
DestroyEnemy Max Hp-4% (30% Damage Dealt)2Necropolis
ResistanceResistance +20%2Dragons Lair
FightAlly ATK +8%2Spiritual Realm
DeterminationAlly DEF +8%2Spiritual Realm
EnhanceAlly HP +8%2Spiritual Realm
AccuracyAlly ACC +8%2Spiritual Realm
ToleranceAlly RES +8%2Spiritual Realm
SealSeal Rate +15%2Spiritual Realm
IntangibleReplace Rune Set1Abyss Floors

Optimizing Rune Allocation

When it comes to rune allocation, the main stat of a rune plays a crucial role. In most cases, percentage-based main stats are preferred on slots 2, 4, and 6, while slot 2 might prioritize speed depending on the monster’s objective. Understanding which stats to prioritize can significantly impact your monster’s performance on the battlefield.

Powering Up Runes

Powering up runes with mana stones is essential for maximizing their potential. Each power-up attempt has a chance to boost a stat, with the goal of reaching the highest possible values. Additionally, runes can be powered up a maximum of fifteen times, so choose wisely and invest your resources strategically, don’t just upgrade whatever you find.

Check our rune min-max rolls cheat sheet down below for more information:

Runes5* Min-Max6* Min-Max

Conclusion: Elevate Your Gameplay with U7BUY

In conclusion, runes are the main factor of success in Summoners War. By mastering the art of rune selection, optimization, and power-ups, you can create formidable monsters capable of conquering any challenge in the game.

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