EA FC 24 Rewards Improvements and Updates

In EA SPORTS FC 24, there will be updated rewards in Ultimate Team, and in specific they will improve the Squad Battles, Rivals & Champions’ rewards. Although no official rewards are out yet, it seems like EA wants to update the rewards to make them feel more balanced in each mode, so that players can play different modes and get rewards that are not too far off. For even more rewards, you can check out FC 24 coins for sale at U7BUY.

Seasonal XP in Mode Rewards

The season will play a key role in EA Sports FC Ultimate Team 24. You will now notice that all the UT online modes and squad battles will feature weekly Seasonal XP rewards. This will help you make more progress on the Seasonal Ladder by playing in your mode.


Champions’ rewards will be updated and upgraded so that they will look and feel more meaningful, whether you are playing in October, February, or June. The Ultimate Team Champions Player Items, also known as the UT red picks, will be replaced by rewards of equivalent value in-game, which will be player picks with a guaranteed overall. It doesn’t mean that Ultimate Team Champions Players will be gone forever (like the monthly rewards pick in the past). EA decided to have them throughout the year instead but they want the freedom to choose which weekends would suit the red picks best.

They decided to make these changes to improve the rewards system, as sometimes throughout the year you would get meaningless rewards even tho you had a high rank.

The initial goal of Champions Players was to allow players to demonstrate their on-pitch ability by using customized versions of players in their squad. When we look at in-game usage, we can see that the match usage of Ultimate Team Champions Players decreases as we progress deeper into the Live Service, with Champions Players being used more and more in Squad Building Challenges (SBCs).

As the great majority of leagues paused in November of last year, EA changed their Champions prizes in Season 2 to allow players to have:

  • Improved ability to get Campaign content as part of Champions awards
  • A minimum OVR guarantee for player rewards gave players more alternatives while completing SBCs.

EA will be able to focus on making more regular adjustments to Champions rewards throughout the year by eliminating Champions Players from the default rewards list, helping to keep them as a vital avenue for expanding your team all season long.

In addition, Champions awards for Rank 2 and above will be updated. They are working hard to improve the balance of difficulty and rewards for top play in EA SPORTS FC 24, and these enhancements aim to reward the best of the best every week.


EA will add viewership rewards as objectives instead of swaps this year. It should be easier to know about the upcoming events from now on as you will be able to see them in-game. You will be rewarded if you watch FC Pro Live events on Twitch or YouTube. Don’t miss out on this as you can get good rewards for free!


EA’s developers’ emphasis on rewarding elite play is also driving adjustments in Rivals, where they’ll be adjusting awards across the mode with a special emphasis on making Division 2 and above more rewarding. With this adjustment, they hope to provide a stronger motivation to compete in a higher division each week.

Champions Players gained in the Elite Division, like Champions, will be exchanged for rewards of equal value at launch.

Squad Battles

Another big and important news about EA FC 24 is that EA will be decreasing Squad Battles halves to 4 minutes from 6 minutes, as revealed in the Ultimate Team Deep Dive Pitch Notes. A lot of gamers will be happy about this update as they often complain about Battle games being too long.

In addition, the overall number of matches that contribute towards your weekly rank is being reduced from 40 to 32.

Their goal with these improvements is to increase the amount of time you actively spend playing the game as opposed to playing out the clock in some situations, as well as to improve the reward balance between offline and online play.

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Team of the Week

Team of the Week is one of Ultimate Team’s oldest and most popular Campaigns, commemorating remarkable performances from footballers playing around the world each week. This year, EA will be focusing on how Team of the Week will appear in-game, not only at launch but throughout the season. They are expanding on last year’s strategy, with many improvements scheduled throughout the year focused on increasing appeal and in-game usage throughout the football season.

We wanted to share three important updates with you today, with more to follow throughout
Ultimate Team 24:

  1. Lower-rated OVR Players will receive larger upgrades, guaranteeing that all TOTW Players have at least 80+ OVR from the start, continuing the approach from last year.
  2. TOTW Players across all OVR ranges may receive relatively larger upgrades in key stats such as Pace or Dribbling to make sure they feel more balanced with other content released in a similar window.
  3. Similar to last year, Featured TOTW items will be eligible for relatively larger upgrades in addition to Weak Foot & Skill Moves upgrades. New this year is that these Weak Foot & Skill Moves upgrades will now carry over into the next version of TOTW for players. Stay tuned for future announcements about select TOTW in the upcoming season, including plans to use PlayStyles to inject a sense of player personality into select TOTW players.


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