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U7BUY- TOTY Celebration Promotion Preview

time 2023-01-18 10:38

Dear Customers:

TOTY of this year is coming soon, U7buy now invites you to celebrate the TOTY together. You can take part in the special promotion from 20th Jan. to 6th Feb.

Here are some tips for you:
1) You can get stars through purchasing coins.
2) Flip one card with 15 stars, everyone has up to 2 chances a day.
3) You will get any letters of "T, O, T, Y" or attractive gifts when you flip the cards. 

Flip the letter cards to collect a set of "T, O, T, Y" to get your special gifts. Collect cards before 3rd Feb, get big rewards at 3rd Feb. to 6th Feb. 

Take active apart in this special promotion right away!

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