Raid Shadow Legends: Chronicler Adelyn Guide

Hey everyone, how are you? Once again, we have a Raid Shadow Legends champion guide, but this time it’s for the eagerly anticipated Chronicler Adelyn.

Did you get to try her yet? Chronicler Adelyn is a new free legendary champion as a part of the Adelyn Chase.

How to claim Chronicler Adelyn

According to Raid Shadow Legends, you must start The Adelyn Chase before June 9th to continue it even later. At the time of writing this guide, there’s still a lot of time. If you have not started the chase before June 9th, you won’t be able to start it later.

The players who managed to start the chase should reach the Day 7 reward by July 8th, or you won’t be able to claim her and her souls. People who fail to reach the Day 7 reward will instead claim shaman and shaman souls. So, make sure to reach the reward to be able to continue your chase.

This chase is divided into Phases 1 and 2. Phase 2 requires you to gain points by playing the game and winning battles; for Phase 1, you may simply log in frequently to claim the rewards.

You must finish the Day 14 reward in Phase 1 in order to advance to Phase 2. Phase 2 will take 14 days to finish, and in order to obtain all of the Phase 2 awards, you must score at least 50 chase points per day.

A daily maximum of 75 chase points can be earned; any excess points will be removed. You can earn these points through campaigns, dungeons, faction wars, arena and clan bosses.

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Now that we’ve figured out how to claim her, let’s take a look at her skills.

Chronicler Adelyn Skills

Equivalent Exchange: Adelyn has a 50% chance to transfer one random debuff from her to the target. She also has a 50% chance of stealing a random buff from the target.

The percentage can scale up to 75% by level 4.

Healing Script: With a 4-turn cooldown, Adelyn can restore 25% of the ally’s maximum HP and heal the rest of the allies by 25% of Adelyn’s HP.

You can scale the percentage up to 45% at level 2.

Wirt of Sleep: Adelyn has a 75% chance of placing the “sleep” debuff on the target for 1 turn and a 75% chance of placing a 30% “decrease speed” debuff and a 50% “decrease attack” debuff on the target for 2 turns.

We will be focusing more on this ability while making this build, which makes Adelyn a great overall debuffer.

You get an extra 10% chance at level 1 and an extra 15% chance at level 2.

Perceive Weakness: Adelyn’s allies deal 3% more damage to the targets for each debuff placed by her.

Her aura increases ally accuracy by 60 in all battles.

Chronicler Adelyn Masteries

For masteries, we will be going for Eagle-Eye and focusing on accuracy to be able to land her debuffs more often. Considering how strong her third ability is, I thought this would be the best mastery for her.

Blessings for Adelyn

Since we are going for a debuffer build, it is a no-brainer to go with “Temporal Chains” as her blessing. This will decrease the enemy’s speed for each active buff they have. It goes hand-in-hand with your play style.

Polymorph and Intimidating Presence are also great blessings for Adelyn.

Stats to focus on Adelyn


As a debuffer, we will obviously be focusing on accuracy to land more debuffs; speed is a great stat for all support champions to be able to move around as fast as possible.

When it comes to HP%, her healing skill is based on her overall HP, so we will be focusing on the HP% stat too.

Recommended Sets for Adelyn

For the 4-piece set, we can go with Relentless, Guardian or Curing. I recommend you go with curing, as it gives you an extra 20% bonus heal and allows you to restore destroyed HP, making you an amazing healer overall.

For the 2-piece set, you can go with accuracy, perception or speed. All of these are great options for Adelyn.


Chronicler Adelyn is really strong against the Sand Devil and the Iron Twins, but not so strong in most of the other scenarios. If you really need to get those Sand Devil and Iron Twins, you can definitely count on her.

Of course, she is a great healer, but she might not suit the playstyle of a lot of players, so before grinding with her and maxing her out, I recommend that you get a hang of her and decide for yourself if you should be investing in her or not!

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