Diablo 4 – Booms and Sticks, Necromancer Build (Bone Spear + Corpse Explosion)

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Sometimes, it’s better to fight fire with fire.

When it comes to defeating the endless minions of Lilith in Diablo 4, those ghoulish abominations will not show pity or remorse upon their actions on humanity, so why should you?

Hence, a Necromancer can become an invaluable ally when fighting to defend Sanctuary from oblivion.

If you’re intrigued about the character class and wish to experiment with it during your first playthrough of Diablo 4 next month, here’s one potential build that you can consider trying out – the Bone Spear + Corpse Explosion fusion!

Here’s how you should line up your skill points until you reach Level 50:

Level 1: Bone Splitters
Level 2: Enhanced Bone Splitters
Level 3: Blood Splurge
Level 4: Blood Splurge Lvl.2
Level 5: Blood Splurge Lvl.3
Level 6: Blood Splurge Lvl.4
Level 7: Blood Splurge Lvl.5
Level 8: Corpse Explosion
Level 9: Enhanced Corpse Explosion
Level 10: Hewed Flesh
Level 11: Hewed Flesh Lvl.2
Level 12: Hewed Flesh Lvl.3
Level 13: Grim Harvest
Level 14: Grim Harvest Lvl.2
Level 15: Grim Harvest Lvl.3
Level 16: Enhanced Bone Spear
Level 17: Supernatural Bone Spear
Level 18: Corpse Explosion Lvl.2
Level 19: Corpse Explosion Lvl.2
Level 20: Corpse Explosion Lvl.2
Level 21: Corpse Explosion Lvl.2
Level 22: Skeletal Warrior Mastery
Level 23: Skeletal Warrior Mastery Lvl.2
Level 24: Skeletal Warrior Mastery Lvl.3
Level 25: Plague Corpse Explosion
Level 26: Serration
Level 27: Serration Lvl.2
Level 28: Serration Lvl.3
Level 29: Compound Fracture
Level 30: Evulsion
Level 31: Evulsion Lvl.2
Level 32: Ossified Essence
Level 33: Evulsion Lvl.3
Level 34: Unliving Energy
Level 35: Unliving Energy Lvl.2
Level 36: Unliving Energy Lvl.3
Level 37: Fueled by Death
Level 38: Fueled by Death Lvl.2
Level 39: Fueled by Death Lvl.3
Level 40: Blood Mist
Level 41: Compound Fracture Lvl.2
Level 42: Compound Fracture Lvl.3
Level 43: Imperfectly Balanced
Level 44: Imperfectly Balanced Lvl.2
Level 45: Imperfectly Balanced Lvl.3
Level 46: Decrepify
Level 47: Enhanced Decrepify
Level 48: Necrotic Carapace
Level 49: Necrotic Carapace Lvl.2
Level 50: Necrotic Carapace Lvl.3

To break down every single skill is counter-intuitive, so here’s a general overview of the basics of each different one:

Bone Splitters
Generates: 5 Essence
Lucky Hit Chance: 17%
Deals 22% x 3 shards’ Damage
+1 Essence upon hitting the same enemy

Blood Splurge
Essence Cost: 30
Lucky Hit Chance: 20%
Drains 20% Enemy Life
Creates a shockwave of blood, dealing 50% Damage (+10% Damage per enemy drained, up to +50%)

Corpse Explosion
Lucky Hit Chance: 40%
Detonates a corpse for 75% Area-Of-Effect (AOE) Damage

Hewed Flesh
Lucky Hits has 4% to create a corpse upon execution
Lucky Hits has 8% to create a corpse upon execution, against Bosses

Grim Harvest
Generates 3 Essence after consuming a corpse

Skeletal Weapon Mastery
+15% Life and Damage of Skeletal Warriors

Plague Corpse Explosion
+10% Damage of Corpse Explosion against enemies that are Slowed, Stunned, or Vulnerable (stackable)

+0.5% Critical Strike Chance per 10 Essence for Bone Skills

Compound Fracture
+5% Damage for Bone Skills (5 seconds) after executing 10x Critical Strikes using them

+6% Critical Strike Damage to Vulnerable enemies for Bone Skills

Ossified Essence
+1% Damage to Bone Skills for every Essence that you have above 50 (eg. 51 Essence)

Unliving Energy
+3 Maximum Essence

Fueled by Death
+4% Damage after consuming a corpse (4 seconds)

Blood Mist
Cooldown: 19.6 seconds
Lucky Hit Chance: 9%
Immune for 3 seconds
-20% Movement Speed
Deals 2% Damage to nearby enemies while healing for 0.5% Maximum Life

Imperfectly Balanced
Core Skills cost +5% Essence but deal +10% Damage

Essence Cost: 10
Enemies Slowed by 40% (10 seconds)
Enemies deal -10% Damage (10 seconds)

Necrotic Carapace
Fortify for 2% Base Life for every corpse summoned

When you upgrade these skills to higher tiers, they will undoubtedly provide more boosts to effects and damages done.

Now, for attack rotations, Blood Splurge is usually used as the opener, but you can also mix in Corpse Explosion for even more mayhem.

Bone Spear complements your other attacks when trying to focus down specific enemies or Bosses, and you can then try your out your own rotations based on these three (3) skills, besides the other ones as well.

Bear in mind, this build is catered towards World 1: Adventurer and World 2: Veteran, so you will need to change things around for the more difficult World 3: Nightmare and World 4: Hell.

In terms of Gems, these are what are recommended:

Weapon: Emerald
Armour: Ruby
Jewellery: Diamond

For a complete breakdown of this build, you can read all about it here.

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