Genshin’s Most Popular Female Characters

Let’s not kid ourselves. Many people play Genshin Impact for the waifus (Raiden, Yae, Beidou, Ningguang) and husbandos (Zhongli, Diluc, Kaeya, Alhaitham), with the majority skewing towards the waifus. As it’s been proven time and again, most of the female character banners do much better than the male ones unless it’s a really good character like Zhongli, and characters like Raiden Shogun keep dominating the charts. Now, in this article, we’ll talk about some of the best female characters in Genshin Impact – both in strength and beauty.

It’s worth mentioning that some of the more popular characters like Ganyu have costumes/outfits that you can get – but you’ll need Genesis Crystals to do so.

Raiden Shogun

It wouldn’t be a good list if Raiden Shogun wasn’t the first character on it. She’s our Electro Queen, after all. Raiden Shogun was introduced with the Inazuma region Update for Genshin Impact, and she made the players go wild over her. Not only is she beautiful, but she is also an “Archon”, one of Genshin Impact’s “God” characters like Zhongli and Venti before her. She is the strongest Electro unit in the entire game, and her weapon is also one of the best Polearms in Genshin Impact, being suitable for many different characters as their strongest option.


The second on this list is none other than the cocogoat, the legendary adeptibeast! In all seriousness, Ganyu is the queen of DPS and still one of the best damage machines in Genshin Impact. Her bow charge attack mechanic is insanely powerful. But her power isn’t all there is to this character. She has a beautiful design, and her outfit drives the Genshin player base insane. Who doesn’t like tights, right?

Ganyu isn’t an Archon like Raiden, but she’s still a powerful Adepti like Xianyun and Shenhe, who we’ll get to in a moment (What is up with Adepti characters and being hot?), but she’s definitely as stronger or stronger than any Archon character introduced so far (Including Furina).


Shenhe is our cryo-mommy. There seems to be a pattern with Cryo characters in Genshin Impact, and instead of being cold – they’re just really hot instead. Rosaria, Ganyu, and Shenhe are all popular characters when it comes to their beauty.

Now, unlike Ganyu and Raiden, Shenhe is more of a support character. She applies a lot of cryo off-field, but that doesn’t mean she’s weaker than them. She might be less popular when it comes to clearing content, but that just means she needs a little bit more investment. Being a 5-star character, she’s going to be strong no matter what.

Wearing tight clothes that reveal some skin in all the right places, and wearing heel pumps, it’s no wonder Shenhe is one of the more popular characters in Genshin.

She becomes truly powerful at C6, but if you want to get her at that constellation, you’ll have to invest a lot of money into your account and get lucky, or find Genshin accounts for sale and get her like that instead.


We finally get to the “true” mom of Genshin Impact. Xianyun, otherwise known as the Cloud Retainer Adeptus, is the newest character to join Genshin Impact along with her adopted son, Gaming. Well, he’s not her adopted son – but many players have jokingly stated that she looks at him as if she was a proud mom in the cutscene at the end of the Lantern Rite event. But that’s not the only reason Genshin characters call Xianyun “Mommy”. It’s also the way she carries herself, the way talks, her tight outfit, and her glasses.

Xianyun is, similarly to Ganyu and Shenhe, an Adeptus – and she is their Teacher. She and Zhongli, the Geo Archon, seem to share some romantic history based on their interactions in the story, but this is yet to be fully confirmed.


As we mentioned earlier, there seems to be a thing with Genshin Cryo characters where instead of being cold, they’re pretty hot instead – and that’s the case with Rosaria, our resident Cryo Nun. Yep, there’s a little bit of something for everyone in Genshin Impact, and those who love tight, nun-like clothes and dominant characters will be overjoyed with Rosaria.

Those who are fans of fishnets and nuns are bound to pull for her, and they won’t be disappointed when it comes to her power on the battlefield either. While not the strongest Cryo unit, she is still a decent 4-star option to pull for.


Last, but not least – we have our female Xingqiu. Yelan is a Hydro bow character and if you take one second to look at her outfit and pose – it’s no wonder she’s considered as one of the hottest Genshin Impact characters.

Much like Xingqiu, when she uses her Elemental Burst, she allows other characters (including herself) to apply hydro to opponents, making her a really strong support DPS character. She has utility outside of combat as well, as her Elemental Skill allows her to run fast while in stealth.

Hu Tao

Before Arlecchino, there was Hu Tao. She was the ‘Hottest’ character around, and one of the best DPS units in the game, if not THE best DPS in the whole game. She was obviously power-crept like most other characters end up being during the evolution of a gacha game, but she’s still a top tier – and her design is quite unique, being a “Funeral Parlor” master who does everything in her power to get customers.

Exposed legs really do wonders for some people, but undoubtedly, one of the cutest things about Hu Tao is the way she uses “Aiya” whenever she speaks, and that little trait has helped her stand out quite a bit in the community.

All in all, Hu Tao is hot in more ways than just her Pyro DPS capabilities and has been a fan favorite since she was released.


People just looooove thigh-highs on their women. They evoke a sense of mysteriousness of what is underneath, despite being skin-tight and showing the shape of legs as they are. There’s just something about it that is really attractive, and what better character to show this in Genshin than Keqing, the queen of Thigh-Highs and one of the better Electro DPS characters in the game when it first released.

Keqing is fun to play and used to be the only character with a “Blink” ability that lets you teleport yourself to a certain location, albeit it was a short distance away and it had a long cooldown.

She is still used in certain teams as Hyperbloom and Dendro have enabled the strongest builds Genshin has seen so far – but it is undeniable that attractiveness is one of the more appealing characteristics of Keqing, especially her short skirt and thigh-highs. This design is shown off even more with her “Opulent Splendor” costume which shows a bit more skin and has an even shorter skirt.


One of the more niche characters that is somewhat weaker than her counterparts, but fits well in some teams such as with Nilou as an additional hydro applicator.

However, what definitely isn’t weak is her design – a dark-tanned woman with the least clothes seen on a Genshin Impact character, it was just a recipe for a 5-Star meal, despite Candace being a 4-Star character.

Her demeanor, serious personality, beautiful looks, and color scheme all add up to a character that practically has the design of a 5-Star but isn’t one.

One of the things that stands out the most about Candace, however – isn’t everything listed above, but her eyes. She has Heterochromia, which means her left and right eyes aren’t the same color. One is yellow while the other has a blue/purple hue, perfectly fitting of a sand-dwelling warrior.


We talked about Hu Tao as the “Smaller Arlecchino” of sorts, so now it’s definitely time to talk about “Father” too. Arlecchino is arguably the most clothed female character in Genshin Impact. She wears a fully elegant suit that shows no skin whatsoever, except above the neck obviously.

However, that didn’t stop the community from simping hard for her when they saw her in the story.

The way she elegantly carries herself. The way she eloquently speaks. The way she’s practically a “Dommy Mommy” not too different from Kafka in Honkai Star Rail all led up to one of the most wanted banners in recent Genshin History.

But that’s not all – our Pyro Queen, or King depending on how you’d like to address her – is currently one of the strongest units in the game, if not THE strongest one – with only a little investment, her basic attacks can hit up to more than 60K damage per hit, which is comparable to Xiao’s plunging attacks at a similar investment – and the best part? Arlecchino doesn’t even have to use her ultimate to achieve this kind of power.


As for where Clorinde stands on the Meta side of things, we do not know. She’s going to be released in a couple of days, and only after certain content creators put out guides and play a bit with her, we’ll have some knowledge of how strong she is.

Apart from that, whew boy. For someone who hails from the Hydro Nation of Fontaine and is an Electro user, Clorinde certainly is hot. There’s just something about characters such as her, Arlecchino, and other “Dommy Mommy” types that get people going.

Clorinde seems like she’s going to be really fun to play from what we know so far, as a character that swaps from her Sword/Rapier fighting style to shooting guns and dashing around the battlefield making her one of the more unique characters to grace Genshin Impact.


These were just some of Genshin Impact’s hottest female characters and many others might not have made this list – but are still loved by the community such as Yae Miko and Navia. You might want to check out a Genshin Shop if you want to get some of these characters for yourself!