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About Genshin Impact Genesis Crystals

● You haven’t topup Genshin yet, or you don’t want to buy Genesis crystals? What a pity! How to get Genesis crystals has become one of the most curious questions among players, especially free Genesis crystals. If you want to get free Genesis crystals, read on. Just completed the tasks for every day, every week every month through that case, Genshin Impact Crystals can be obtained. Direct Genesis Crystal top up is the most effective method to get Genesis Crystals. Genesis Crystals are money players spend in Genshin Impact, Genesis Crystal Genshin Impact can buy primogems. Genshin players need Genesis crystals very much, so they will find the Genshin Genesis crystals shop and choose Genshin crystal top up.

What is the Blessing of the Welkin Moon?

●The Blessing of the Welkin Moon in Genshin Impact is a subscription for a duration of 30 days. After purchasing the blessing, players instantly receive 300 Genesis Crystals and subsequently gain 90 Primogems each day when they log in over the next 30 days.
●Primogems are a premium currency in Genshin Impact used for various activities, including wishes to obtain new characters and weapons. In addition to the daily Primogems, players also receive bonus rewards upon logging in during the subscription period. The Blessing of the Welkin Moon extends the daily login bonus period from the standard 30 days to 180 days. This means you can claim the daily rewards for a longer period.
●In general, Welkin Moon's Blessing provides Genshin Impact players with a steady stream of Primogems, allowing them to obtain Primogems over time while increasing players' chances of acquiring new characters through the in-game Gacha system. However, you can buy Genshin Welkin Moon at a cheaper rate with Genshin Impact top up service on U7BUY! 

Why You Need Genshin Top Up?

●Some rare characters and weapons in Genshin Impact are very powerful and difficult to obtain in the game. These rare characters and weapons have unique skills and characteristics that can enrich the game's combat system and storyline, thereby taking your gaming experience to the next level. By Genshin top up to obtain a certain number of crystals, you can increase your chances of obtaining these rare items and make your character lineup more diverse and powerful.
●Recharging a certain amount of Genshin Impact crystals can help you increase your probability of drawing cards. This is because the wish system in Genshin Impact is based on the card drawing mechanism. Recharging crystals can increase your probability of obtaining rare items when praying. There are usually different card drawing activities, including limited-time characters and weapons. Through Genshin top up to get crystals, you can better participate in these activities and increase the success rate of card drawing.
●Some areas and missions in Genshin Impact may require specific progression or unlocking conditions. Top up Genshin crystals, you can speed up the game process, unlock new areas and tasks, and explore more game content.
Obtain limited activities and rewards: Genshin Impact often holds various limited-time and welfare activities. You can participate in these activities by Genshin crystal top up and obtaining unique rewards and props, such as limited characters, appearances, and equipment. Buy Genesis Crystals and enhance your gameplay with U7buy!

Why You Should Top Up Genshin Impact Genesis Crystals on U7BUY?

●U7BUY has the best Genshin top up center, working to offer a reliable online marketplace for our users. Hundreds of trusted sellers offer different products such as Genshin Impact top up, Genshin coaching, and Genshin Impact accounts. You can check Genshin top up prices here and choose the cheapest one.
●After your order is paid, your order will be processed immediately. You will get the information of successful Genshin top up as soon as possible. Remember to check the delivery information of U7BUY and the changes in Genshin account.
You can check the sellers' ratings and reviews from previous buyers so that you'll find the best match and get your favorite orders. What's more, you can directly chat with the sellers to ask questions about the details of Genshin Impact top up, which is more efficient! 
●U7BUY always puts the protection of your private information and account security first. Multiple payment methods are available at U7BUY, we've had long-term cooperation with most of the payment companies, and the payment environment is secure and trustable.
●If you have any questions about Genshin topup, please feel free to contact our 24/7 online customer service! They will solve your problem as soon as possible. Even if your question is not responded to in time, your question will be recorded and they will give you a reasonable answer later.

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