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About Honkai Star Rail Top Up

●Star Rail top up aim is for a role-playing gacha game developed by miHoYo Honkai Star Rail. Honkai Star Rail top up is one of the charging services in-game, compared to other charging services players tend to choose Honkai top up. HSR top up can bring players many benefits like more Oneiric Shards, and Express Supply Pass Honkai Star Rail they can get.

●Honkai Star Rail is not the first but the fourth entry in the Honkai Impact series so under this situation, many Honkai series fans and players know the process of top up Honkai Star Rail in Honkai Star Rail top up center. U7BUY is also a good Honkai Star Rail top up center for Honkai Star Rail players to choose from and you can also buy Honkai Star Rail account that meets your requirements.

What Can You Get From Honkai Top Up?

●The premium currency in Honkai Star Rail is Oneiric Shards. Oneiric Shards have a variety of uses in the game. Oneiric Shards are an important resource in HSR cause special items from the Contract Shop can be obtained by Oneiric Shards, as well as Oneiric Shards that allow players to customize their in-game characters with the purchased cosmetics and bundles, as long as you have enough Oneiric Shards, you can exaggerate the gorgeous dress to the maximum extent. Honkai Star Rail Oneiric Shards can also be exchanged for Stellar Jade at a one-to-one ratio, which is the currency for drawing characters and weapons. Additionally, Stellar Jade can be used to buy Star Rail Passes, Star Rail Special Passes, fuel, and other in-game items. At U7buy, you can buy Honkai Star Rail top up easily.

●If you want to get Stellar Jade and Oneiric Shards at the same time, you can choose the “Express Supply Pass” among the Honkai top up options. Express Supply Pass Honkai Star Rail is a 30-day subscription offer in Honkai Impact: Star Trails. Players who purchase the pass will first receive 300 Oneiric Shards, and then 90 Stellar Jade for each day they log in for the next 30 days. Within 30 days, you can earn a total of 300 Oneiric Shards and 2700 Stellar Jade. Through the Honkai Star Rail top up service, you can obtain Oneiric Shards and Stellar Jade at a more affordable price than recharging directly in the game. This way you can progress through the game faster than other players. And there is no need to bind any payment method to the game account.

Why You Need HSR Top Up?

●When players engage in Honkai Star Rail, it's natural for them to experience varying levels of excitement or temptation when it comes to Honkai top up options. Unless one is firmly committed to not spending money or has no particular aspirations in Honkai Star Rail, it can be difficult not to feel a sense of envy towards others who have made top up Honkai Star Rail. These purchases often lead to acquiring advanced and visually stunning characters and equipment that can significantly enhance gameplay. By Honkai Star Rail topup, players gain access to a range of benefits: 

●Obtain exclusive and powerful characters in Honkai that possess unique abilities and play styles, enabling them to tackle challenging content with greater ease. These characters often boast impressive visual designs, showcasing intricate details and stunning animations that make them stand out in battles.

●Additionally, Honkai: Star Rail top up provides players with the opportunity to acquire rare and high-tier equipment. These items not only offer substantial stat boosts but also feature exquisite designs and special effects that add a layer of visual appeal to the gameplay experience. Equipping such equipment not only improves the effectiveness of the player's team but also enhances their overall aesthetic impact.

Why You Should Top Up HSR on U7BUY?

●If you're looking for a reliable online Star Rail platform to top up Honkai Star Rail quickly and affordable, look no further than U7BUY. Various Honkai top up services offer great cost-performance benefits. 

●U7BUY helps Honkai Star Rail players get the best value for their money within HSR topup. In addition to the unbeatable cheap Honkai Star Rail buy prices, U7BUY takes pride in offering top-notch service to our customers. We understand the importance of efficiency in the online purchase of virtual products, and therefore, our sellers ensure fast and timely delivery of your orders of Honkai StarRail top up.

●If you have problems with Honkai Star Rail Express Supply pass and Honkai Star Rail Oneiric Shards which are all included in Honkai Star Rail top up, simply reach out to 24/7 customer services via our live chat feature. They are always ready to help you out.

How to Top Up Honkai Star Rail Oneiric Shards?

1. Log in to your U7BUY account, if you don't have it, please register.
2. Select the Honkai Star Rail Oneiric Shards denomination.
3. Enter your Honkai Star Rail user ID.
4. Select your payment method and check out.
5. Once payment is made, the Oneiric Shards or Express Supply Pass will top up your account shortly.

How to Find Honkai: Star Rail User ID?

1. Use your account to log in to the game.
2. You can find your Honkai Star Rail user ID in the bottom left corner of the screen.

60 Oneiric Shard
Delivery Time
10 Mins
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0.96 USD
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