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How to Get PUBG UC?

PUBG Mobile UC is one of the two main in-game currencies. Another one is AG. You can also call PUBG Mobile UC as Unknown Cash (UC). It can be used to buy cosmetics in the game. No pay-to-win element, nice. The cosmetics include costumes, weapon skins, emojis, and etc. By purchasing cheap UC PUBG, you can personalize your character to your liking. And then showcase your unique style on the battlefield. If you want to get PUBG UC, check out the following methods.

1. From the official website or in-game store: The PUBG Mobile official website and the in-game store sell PUBG UC. Everyone knows that. This is the most direct way to get PUBG UC. But sometimes the prices aren't that affordable.

2. Participate in events and Esports: PUBG Mobile often organizes special events and tournaments. in these activities, you can compete for rewards based on kills and wins. There are often UC PUBG in the rewards. Please note that these events and tournaments may be region-specific. Some of them are only available in certain Asian areas.

3. Royale Pass: You can also get UC from a Royale Pass. When you complete the quests of the Royale Pass, you will receive various rewards. The rewards often include UC PUBG Mobile. When you upgrade your Royale Pass, you may get even more UC from it. The Royale Pass allows you to accumulate a large amount of UC throughout the season. Therefore, Royale Pass is a great way to get PUBG Mobile UC. You can also enjoy extra game content at the same time.

4. Achievements: There is a large number of achievements in PUBG Mobile waiting for players to achieve. Some achievement rewards are UC, while the other rewards are not that valuable. They can be completed by simply playing the game, such as winning matches or completing certain missions. Well, winning matches in a battle royale game is not that easy. Complete a quest and you will get PUBG UC. Simple huh?

5. Giveaways and promotions: You can sometimes find giveaways and promotions on the official social media accounts. Participants have a chance to win PUBG UC. Although the chance is small, it's still a good idea to follow the official social media accounts. This kind of activity is hard to come across. Well, it's better than nothing. Always check their official account and don't miss the opportunity to get UC.

Why Top Up PUBG UC on U7BUY?

If you want to top up PUBG, choosing U7BUY will be the right decision for you. We offer a wide range of cheap UC PUBG Mobile, here's why you should choose U7BUY:

1. Trustworthy and Safe: U7BUY is experienced in providing services like top up PUBG UC. So you can rest assured that your personal information is protected.

2. Competitive Price: You make the right choice when you choose to buy PUBG UC at U7BUY. Our platform offers you a competitive price. The more UC PUBG you buy, the better the price. So don't miss out on this special offer!

3. Diversity of options: It's a wise choice to top up PUBG UC Mobile on U7BUY. U7BUY offers you a variety of options in different quantities. You can choose the most suitable top-up option based on your needs and budget.

4. Instant delivery: Time is precious and we understand your expectations and feelings. So when you complete the payment, we will process the order for you as soon as possible, so that you receive PUBG UC at an early date.

5. Professional Customer Service Team: U7BUY has professional 24/7 customer service online for you. At any time you encounter problems or trouble, you can rest assured to consult our professional customer service.

U7BUY, as a one-stop platform. You can find a large collection of PUBG Mobile top up offers. We also offer other products here. For example, PUBG UC redeem code, PUBG in-game items, PUBG coaching, and PUBG Mobile account. Yes! We have every PUBG product you can think of. Therefore, you can take a tour of our website for all your PUBG Mobile needs other than top up PUBG.

How to Buy UC PUBG Mobile From U7BUY?

how to buy UC PUBG mobile Do you think it is inconvenient to buy PUBG UC? Come and buy on U7BUY, which offers a seamless and easy process.

1. Log in to your U7BUY account. Register if you don't have one.

2. GO to the PUBG Mobile Top Up page.

3. Choose the denomination of Unknown Cash.

4. To make sure you can receive the UC PUBG Mobile, you need to provide your PUBG Mobile Player ID.

5. After entering your player ID, check your order details and get ready to check out.

6. U7BUY offers a variety of payment methods, please choose the most convenient payment method for you to pay.

7. Once payment is made, the UC PUBG will top up to your PUBG Mobile account shortly.

How to Find PUBG Mobile ID?

To help you find your PUBG Mobile character ID faster, U7BUY provides you with the following detailed steps:

1. Use your account to log into PUBG Mobile.

2. Open your player profile.

3. Your PUBG Mobile character ID will be displayed. It is usually a combination of numbers and letters that is unique to your PUBG Mobile account.

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