How to Build the Best Endgame Team in FUT 23

As the FUT 23 Season is coming to an end, gamers are looking for the perfect full-chemistry endgame team to play with. There have been lots of FUT cards that have been released throughout the year, each with its unique attributes and abilities. Today we’re going to discuss the team that most FUT players dream of, and we’ll do that in detail to give you a better perspective on what each player can bring to the club. Just get them without hesitation, because your coins can’t be transferred to FC 24. For FC 24 coins, you can visit U7BUY, the most trustworthy marketplace to buy FC 24 coins, after the game was released.


There are many good meta formations in the game, but we opted for the 442 instead of going with a 4321 or a 541 because we believe it’s the most balanced one out of them.

Goalkeeper: ‘The Octopus’

Starting with the goalkeeper, we decided to go with 96 TOTY Thibaud Courtois, as with his height(199 cm), his high-rated positioning, and his reflexes he can make a lot of saves at clutch times. His card was released in January and there have been several promos ever since but he’s still considered one of the best if not the best goalkeeper in the game.

The Best Defensive Right Back in FUT 23

It’s difficult to choose the best right back as there are a lot of different options, but 95 TOTS Eder Militao certainly is one of them. His great reactions(99) and his medium/high work rates make him the perfect defensive right-back. He also has very good chemistry links as he’s Brazilian and he’s a Real Madrid player.

The French and the Portuguese Walls

The two centrebacks that we chose are both from the Premier League, and they are 97 Level Up Raphael Varane(which was obtainable for free during the Level Up Promo) and TOTS 96 Ruben Dias, who was also chosen for chemistry reasons. Both of them are lengthy, they have 99 reactions and composure, and when they play together they make a very solid defense. They are both very cheap too considering that they would only cost you 190k coins total(as Varane could have been completed for free, as we previously said), so you would only have to pay for Ruben Dias.
We suggest using a French premier league manager to get full chemistry.

The Most Well-rounded Left-back in FUT 23

95 Futties Capdevila is the best left-back in the game as of now. Some could argue that 97 Cover Star Icon Roberto Carlos, 95 Shapeshifter Lukas Klostermann, and 95 Level Up Antonio Davies are better, but we believe that Capdevila is better as he’s insanely good both offensively and defensively(unlike the others that just got mentioned). To prove our point in fact, he has 3 alternative positions, which are LWB, LM, and LW, so you could play him anywhere on the left side of the pitch.

‘Ginger Pelé’ and ‘The Tall Introvert’

A formation like 442 needs two balanced center mids, that could bring something to the table both offensively and defensively. 99 Level Up Kevin De Bruyne and 97 Futties Yaya Touré are our two choices to cover those positions as they are both top-tier players that can defend well(especially Yaya Touré) and attack very well. Kevin De Bruyne’s passes(99 passing) will make your opponent go crazy, especially if you can play through balls to some great fast forwards, like the ones we’re gonna mention very soon. They also have great finishing and their power shots are insane so it’s really easy to score with them even from outside the box.

Edson Arantes do Nascimento

For the right mid position, we recommend one of the GOATs (Greatest Of All Time) of football, 99 Edson Arantes do Nascimento, which we all know as Pelé. His 99 Shapeshifter version is 99 rated and has 5 99 in-game stats, and even the other stats are almost all above 90. He can shoot from pretty much anywhere with both feet, his passes are flawless, and he’s very fast and agile so it’s not gonna be an easy day for your opponent.


There are many great left mids in FUT 23, but we believe Ronaldo de Assis Moreira(as known as Ronaldinho) is the best out of them. His 98 Cover Star Icon Version is one of the most expensive SBCs that have ever been released in FUT. There have been many complaints by the FUT Community as most of them were looking forward to getting it for cheap as it’s been released in August. Anyway, although he’s indeed a pricey card, he’s also one of the best if not the best card in the game. His animations, his unique body type, his 99 dribbling, and the 5-star skills combined with the 5-star weak foot make him one of the most fun cards to use in FUT 23.


This was a very difficult decision to make, as there are at least 10 S Tier strikers in FUT 23. After trying all of them, we decided that 99 Futties Premium Ronaldo and 99 Futties Premium Messi were the ones making the cut. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are one-of-a-kind players, and they are considered the GOATs by many people both in real life and in FUT. Ronaldo’s 99 version is one of the rarest cards in FUT history as he’s been extinct pretty much as soon as he’s been released, and the only way to get him would be trying to snipe him for his max price, which is 15 million coins. He’s the most expensive card of the game but saying he’s unstoppable is an understatement. He’s tall(187 cm), agile, and has 99 shooting combined with 99 jumping and 99 heading accuracy, he has 5-star skills and a 5-star weak foot, so he’s the perfect definition of what the ultimate striker would be. He would have been hard to link with other players if he wasn’t a premium Futties card, but as he is, that means he has full chemistry.
Now let’s talk about Messi. His agility and passes are insane, he never misses a scoring chance as he’s got a 5-star weak foot and 99 finishing, and his High/Low work rates make him the perfect card to use as a striker. His only flaw is the 81 physical but his agility and his pace make up for it.

Extra Tips

Building the best FUT 23 team also means finding the right offensive and defensive balance for the team. The players that we suggested will take your team to the next level. The team costs around 49 million coins, and if you manage to build it you will be able to dominate your opponents and win many more games. Let’s not forget that it’s also a videogame that is supposed to make you have fun, so at the end of the day it’s also not a bad choice to use players that you are a fan of in real life instead of only using the meta ones.