6 Best Free-to-Play Games on Nintendo Switch

Free-to-play games are absolutely adored by the gaming community. After all, what’s better than getting to explore a game that’s the talk of the town at zero cost? From the action-rich battle royales to the leisurely pace of open-world puzzle games, here are 6 of the best free-to-play games on the Nintendo Switch to try in 2024.

6. Brawlhalla

Few games will get you and your friends as pumped up as Brawlhala. This platform-style fighter game will pit you against foes on an array of different maps, forcing you to improvise according to the terrain and your opponent’s varying playstyles. Keep a sharp eye on your opponent, but remember, don’t fall off the edge!

Whether you prefer fighting as the mighty Thor or perhaps as a mythical minotaur, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect Legend for yourself, with over 50 of them to choose from. The best part is that each of these comes with its own set of unique abilities. So, once you get bored of one, you simply have to switch characters to tone the thrill back up!

5. Warframe

Warframe has been around for a while now. The expansive lore of the game revolves around you donning super-powerful armor called wireframes in an effort to win back the solar system. Pretty dope, right?

While the narrative itself is great, Warframe’s real strength lies in its high-paced gameplay. In this regard, you’ll have to mix and match your preferred playing style with the wireframe having abilities that best compliment that style, empowering you to wreak havoc on your enemies.

Whether you choose to go in all guns blazing or adopt a more slick approach with a stylish sword, you’re going to have a blast sweeping through the various planetary bodies in the solar system. The best part is that you get to do this with friends, as Warframe allows you to form a squad with up to a total of four players. Work together to create attacking combos that will absolutely annihilate the enemy!

4. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

When people see the animations and cute character designs; most assume that Fall Guys is a walk in the park. However, this game is as competitive as they come. You’ll find yourself up against walking jellybeans in a variety of games, testing your wits, skills, and teamwork.

For instance, in a particular match, you may find yourself first racing on an obstacle course, then playing soccer in teams, and then playing a memory game. The last round usually involves you and the others chasing a crown, but at other times it may simply be an elimination scenario.

The goal, of course, is to be the last man or team standing. When you play with friends, this can involve strategic plays, including sacrificing yourself for the greater good and taking an enemy down with you! Load up the game today and hop on with your friends to experience cartoonish mayhem!

3. Fortnite

In 2017, Fortnite rose to challenge PUBG as the king of the battle royale format and immediately became the talk of the town. Everything about it was fun and exciting; from the weapons to the moving storm, from the campers to the charging pros, it had a bit of everything. I remember how I got my first victory by camping throughout the match and with zero kills as my opponent accidentally killed himself!

The Fortnite of today may not be as huge as it once used to be, but it remains as popular as ever. Part of that is down to the crossover events it holds where they port characters from various franchises such as Marvel, DC, and even popular anime franchises; the rest is down to its ever-exciting gameplay. Don’t hesitate to give it a go, but be prepared to spend a lot of V-Bucks if you plan on making an aesthetic impression on the battlefield. Get that Nintendo eShop Gift Card ready!

2. Sky: Children of the Light

Had enough of competitive games and want something calm and soothing instead? It might be time to try Sky: Children of the Light. The entire game revolves around the themes of friendship and teamwork. If you want to restore the fallen constellations, you’ll have to work together to solve the puzzles and collect the light spread throughout the realms.

Sky is drastically different from the other games on this list and might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But if you love a light-hearted game once in a while, its immersive soundtrack, serene game world, and captivating narrative practically demand that you at least give it a shot. If you were a fan of Journey, then you’d probably like Sky: Children of the Light as well.

1. Rocket League

Few could have predicted that adding cars to the world’s most popular sport would be such a hit. Psyconix did that pretty well, in the process of creating one of the most unique games out there. The idea is so simple yet effective and could open the door to more intriguing combinations of various sports in the future.

Getting the ball in the back of the opposition goal sounds simple enough, right? Well, it’s really not. You’ll have to perform a range of acrobatic moves with your car, including jumping, backflipping, twisting, and wrecking other cars. You can use boost and the terrain to your advantage to create absolutely mind-blowing plays or pull off jaw-dropping saves. The sky’s the limit, literally.

At its absolute best, a Rocket League match promises to be an intricate mix of beauty and chaos. You might want to get the gang together for hours and hours of endless car-soccer thrill!


From casual fun to engaging combat, this list had just about everything. Feel like heading on over to the online store and giving these games a shot? Hopefully, you do; nothing’s better than being able to enjoy video games without having to spend money on more Gift Cards than you already do.