Dofus Pandawa Leveling Guide

Dofus Pandawa Leveling Guide

The well-known MMORPG Dofus provides a large selection of classes, each with distinct playstyles and skills. The Pandawa is one of these classes that stands out for being a flexible and enjoyable character. However, levelling up Dofus Pandawa can be difficult, particularly for inexperienced players. The Pandawas are skilled martial artists who can perform incredible feats with their bodies! 

The Pandawa is skilled at energizing large gatherings and shields his allies by carrying them on his shoulders. They are capable of providing respectable tanking, support, and damage. They do possess certain unique qualities. With spells like Boozer and Chamrak, they have incredible mobility. In addition, some excellent map manipulation is available, giving you greater control over the locations of teammates and opponents than most other classes. They also have many Area of Effect spells but few options for single targets. We’ll cover a variety of techniques and advice in this to help you level your Pandawa quickly and successfully.

Choose the right Dofus Pandawa Build

Selecting the appropriate Dofus Pandawa build is the first step towards levelling Pandawa. They can be constructed as a supporting character, a damage dealer, or a tank. Building your Pandawa as a damage dealer is advised for levelling since it will enable you to take out enemies quickly and effectively. A Pandawa that is levelling up would benefit from a combination of Strength and Intelligence builds that emphasize spells that deal damage. The examples of such good builds of Pandawas. 

White-Hot Vulnerability1FireSpells for vulnerability are really helpful.
Aqueous Vulnerability9WaterWe’ll utilize weapons and spells related to water.
Wind Vulnerability21AirSpells for vulnerability are really helpful.
Earth Vulnerability36EarthExcellent potential damage for your base spell.
Melancholy54WaterExcellent potential damage for your base spell.

Other main spells include: 

  • Karcham
  • Pandatak
  • Hangover
  • Boozer
  • Stain
  • Pandiniuras
  • Chamrak
  • Stabilization
  • Bamboo Milk
  • Axe Skill
Dofus Pandawa Levelling


You may level up your Pandawa swiftly and effectively by completing quests. They give great rewards and resources and a consistent flow of experience points. You will always be facing creatures within your level range if you concentrate on achieving the objectives in the locations where you are currently levelling. There are various kinds of quests for each class, including Pandawa: 

  1. Standard Quests
  2. Alignment Quests
  3. Seasonal Quests
  4. Unavailable Quests
  5. Other Quests

Use your abilities smartly

When levelling up, Pandawas can make good use of their special collection of skills. One of the Pandawa’s most crucial leveling abilities is “Drunken State.” With this ability, you can quickly remove mobs by having your Pandawa move more quickly and deliver more damage.

Fighting monsters 

Monsters are all things that can be battled outside of PvP. Monsters exist in the Amaknean Continent and Incarnam.

Defeating monsters is the main way to level up your character and acquire class experience. Defeating each monster can yield a maximum amount of experience, which is sometimes referred to as the monster’s base experience. Nevertheless, defeating the monster in a well-balanced battle is the only method to collect the most class experience. 

In most cases, the player initiates combat by clicking on the group of monsters and advancing to the monster’s cell. Defeating them gives substantial experience points crucial to levelling up your Pandawa. The various monsters include: 

  • Humanoid Monsters
  • Dark Monsters
  • Field Monsters
  • City Monsters
  • Dimensional Monsters
  • Fleaster Island Creatures
  • Frigost Monsters
  • Forest Monsters

Joining a guild would be helpful

Joining a guild is a fast path to Dofus Pandawa levelling. Guilds have many seasoned players who may provide direction and assistance on levelling techniques. Guilds also frequently arrange dungeon runs and group activities, which can greatly increase your experience points.

Here are some general tips for levelling

  • You should practice with a partner rather than by yourself until you obtain your first water damage weapon (it will take longer alone because you’re not the best damage dealer at lower levels).
  • Get experience with Otomai Island monsters once you reach level 54. You don’t need to worry about their level; if you stay away from them, most of them won’t even attack you.
  • Leave Incarnam and get experience on single Snappers and Starfish Troopers level 10 if you are still P2P. As your level rises, consider taking on larger enemies with your Water damage weapon (or any other effective weapon, such as Cerberus).
  • If you’re a F2P, try clearing the earliest stages of Incarnam or fighting Demonic Roses by yourself. Afterwards, take on larger flower gangs.
  • Around levels 40 to 45, you can obtain Ergot Mina, a wisdom set, and a life pet (a total of 200 life is sufficient, and 250 is ideal), and begin eliminating Fungi Masters. Alternatively, you can do this when you obtain the Akwadala Set. 
Dofus Guilds

Use potions and scrolls

Scrolls and potions can be excellent additions to your levelling journey. While scrolls like the “experience scroll” allow you to keep levelling up, appropriate potions can also temporarily increase your experience gain. 


To sum up, levelling up your Pandawa in Dofus can be a difficult yet worthwhile endeavour. You can level your Pandawa quickly and effectively by selecting the appropriate build, using your skills, concentrating on quests, joining a guild, utilizing potions and scrolls, and much more. The Dofus Pandawa levelling process is crucial to the Dofus experience, so don’t forget to enjoy yourself. Also, don’t forget to buy Dofus Kamas from U7BUY for a smoother Pandawa levelling experience.