FUT 23: 10 Best Goalkeepers

In FUT 23, the goalkeeper position is a crucial role, mirroring its importance in real-life football. As the last line of defense, the goalkeeper is responsible for preventing the opposition from scoring by stopping shots on goal with various acrobatic saves and strategic positioning. To recruit these players, you will need the cheapest FUT coins. And that’s where U7BUY can help you out!

Understanding the Goalkeeper Position

Everyone knows the goalkeeper’s job: don’t let the adversary send the ball in your net. However, things are not at all simple. We all know about the six FUT 23 stats that characterize positions. The strikers, defenders, midfielders, and all other roles except the goalkeepers share the same stats. The goalkeeper position has unique stats. Understanding the goalkeeper position in FUT 23 comes down to understanding the stats. The six main goalkeeper stats are: diving, handling, kicking, reflexes, speed, and positioning. We know that FUT 23 main stats are a combination of several secondary stats. For goalkeepers, speed is the only stat that encompasses more stats. Speed is a combination of acceleration and sprint speed. Let’s see what each stat does.

Diving measures the goalkeeper’s capacity to stop the ball while diving in the air. Taller goalkeepers usually have better diving. Handling measures the ability to catch the ball. Kicking measures the distance of kicks on the ground and from the hands. This attribute also accounts for the accuracy of the kick. Reflexes measure the time it takes for a goalkeeper to react. Speed is determined based on sprint speed and acceleration. The sprint speed is the maximum speed a goalkeeper can attain. The acceleration measures how long it takes the goalkeeper to achieve max speed. The positioning attribute measures the ability to find an optimal placement for a save.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Goalkeeper

All FUT 23 cards have a general rating, OVR, that gives an overall impression of the item’s performance. The better the OVR, the better the card. If only it would be that simple. The stats are far more important than the OVR. So, don’t choose a goalkeeper solely based on the OVR value. Check out the stats and player’s attributes. Let’s see what the ideal goalkeeper looks like in terms of stats.

The footballer’s height plays an important part. A tall goalkeeper will be better at saving shots in close proximity to the post. You want a tall goalkeeper to save a penalty shot. FUT 23 attributes can get as high as 99. You won’t find a goalkeeper with 99 in all attributes. These are the attributes you will want to be as high as possible. Positioning is of utmost importance, so look for a goalkeeper that has at least 90 in this stat. Reflexes can make a difference as well. A good goalkeeper should have 85 points in reflexes. Diving counts too. This attribute should be 85. Keep in mind that taller goalkeepers are better at diving. Handling is also a good stat. Choose a goalkeeper that has at least 80 handling. Other things to consider are weak foot and skill moves rating. Chemistry is another factor. You will not always have access to the ideal goalkeeper. The choice also depends on the game and the team you are up against.

Top 10 Goalkeepers in FUT 23

The best 10 FUT 23 goalkeepers are current players and also retired footballers.

  1. Thibaut Courtois – 96 OVR Team of the Year.
  2. Lev Yashin – 94 OVR Prime Icon.
  3. Marc-Andre ter Stegen – 94 OVR Team of the Season LaLiga.
  4. Kyle Walker – 94 OVR Shapeshifters.
  5. Iker Casillas – 93 OVR Trophy Titans Icon.
  6. Brice Samba – 93 OVR Team of the Season Ligue 1.
  7. Wojciech Szczesny – 93 OVR Team of the Season Serie A.
  8. Peter Schmeichel – 92 OVR Prime Icon.
  9. Edwin van der Sar – 92 OVR Team of the Year Icon.
  10. Gregor Kobel – 92 OVR Team of the Season Bundesliga.


Q: Can I use any goalkeeper in my team?
A: The goalkeeper is an important team member. Scoring goals wins the game, true, but you also want to prevent the opponent from scoring. A good goalkeeper might do more than that. Finishing the game with a clean sheet will up your ratings. So, while theoretically, you can use any goalkeeper, finding the right one is considerably better.

Q: What are the best attributes to look for in a goalkeeper?
A: Tall players are more suited to successfully perform the role of a goalkeeper. You will want this position to have at least 90 in positioning, 85 in diving, 80 in handling, and 85 in reflexes. Speed is good to have, but it’s not one of the stats the goalkeepers rely on.

Q: Do goalkeepers’ prices affect their performance?
A: The price is not a direct measurement of a card’s performance. Don’t choose a goalkeeper because their card is expensive. Take the stats into consideration first. If the stats fit the requirements, then the card is worth the money. It’s quite possible to find a goalkeeper with good stats at an affordable price.