How Level Scaling And Campaign Skipping Work In Diablo 4

Buy Diablo 4 items on U7Buy today! Diablo 4 is just around the corner. As we wait for the release date, it’s a good idea to get familiar with the new features. Level scaling is a new mechanic. It is not a new concept, we’ve seen it in other games, but let’s see how it specifically applies to Diablo 4. Level scaling becomes available on a new character after finishing the campaign on another character. Basically, you need to go through the campaign only once. U7Buy is preparing for the launch with Diablo 4 gold and Diablo 4 items for sale at fantastic prices!

What Is Level Scaling in Diablo 4

Completing the campaign is mandatory on your first character. We all want to know how the story unfolds, so that’s no problem. But Diablo 4 is not the kind of game you play with just one character. You create multiple characters to try out all the classes, builds, and gear combinations. Completing the campaign over and over again becomes tedious. So, when you start another character after finishing the story on another, you have the option to skip the campaign. You start at level one and you can go wherever you please. Now you have access to the Whispers of the Dead system. This offers a set of activities through which you can level up and obtain rewards. It’s up to you in which area you choose to complete these missions. No matter which zone you choose, the game will scale the monsters and difficulty based on your character’s level. This way, any area becomes relevant. The Strongholds however will still be higher level as they are intended as a group activity. Players had the chance to try a few Strongholds in beta. The game’s difficulty changes based on the selected world tier. The first tier is the easiest. If you just want to progress through the story without much hassle, this is the difficulty you want. The second tier offers a balanced experience. After you complete a tier 2 level 50 dungeon, you unlock tier 3 with higher monster levels. More difficult encounters yield more powerful rewards. Going to tier 3 is optional. You can remain on tier 1 or 2 to fight monsters that have a maximum level of 50. If you are in a group, the progression depends on the progress of the group leader. In a random group, the player with the lowest progress should be the host. Level scaling applies to group members individually based on their current level.