Razer Gold Top Video Games

What is Razer Gold?

Before we discuss the focus of this article (video games) with you, we need to share some knowledge about the Razer Gold program. When you add credits to the store, you will convert your hard-earned money into Razer Gold.

At the same time, you will earn the same amount of credits in another currency called “Razer Silver.” As you explore the store, you will find different items that require a certain Razer Gold quantity or Silver Razer coins. Since you get two piles of virtual currencies, the amount of items from a single purchase will increase.

Furthermore, if you want to increase the value of your dollars, you could grab a Razer Gold Gift Card from U7BUY and enjoy the bonuses from a single purchase. With a vast quantity of Razer Gold and Razer Silver, you can add more ways to spend your free time.

Inside the Razor Store, you can find video games and other gaming essentials. For example, you can grab peripherals with the Razor brand, Internet Subscriptions (like Netflix), or in-game premium currencies. In this article, we’ll focus on the most famous video games you can find in the present day (January 2024).

Razer Gold Top Video Games

As the title suggests, you can exchange your Razor Gold Coins for any options on this list. The amount of credits varies depending on the video game you want to grab. Check the current price before making a new purchase.

Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 is one of the best fighting games that surpasses many counterparts with its stylish looks and outstanding gaming mechanics. When you load SF6 for the first time, you have three choices to start fighting:

  • World Tour: A single-player experience where you create a character and fight to become the top champion of the entire world. You’ll need to travel across different regions and meet the current cast of the Street Fighter 6 roster to learn their techniques and understand their winning methods.
  • Battle Hub: If you want to meet random people online, this is the place for you. When you load this mode, you’ll enter a virtual room (or Hub) filled with player’s avatars and empty cabinets. Sit in a random machine and wait for an upcoming challenge.
  • Fighting Grounds: When you want to deplete those fighting needs, you only need to run into the Fighting Grounds. Through different manus, you can pick between Tutorials, in-house virtual fights, or move straight into random/ranked matches.

Resident Evil Village

This video game will put your nerves to the test and check if you have enough bravery to fight through the scare jumps and “upgraded” zombies. Inside REsident Evil Village, you see through the eyes of Ethan Winters as he travels between unique biomes while fighting powerful monsters.

Unlike the previous Resident Evil versions, you won’t mostly find hordes of zombies. Instead, you fight “werewolves,” possessed dolls, vampires, and mechanical creatures. To survive these challenges across the journey, you will arm yourself with powerful weapons and destructive gadgets.

Elden Ring

Although this video game has been one of the praised video games in the last decade, Eldin Ring is not for everyone. Here, you will start by building your character and fighting against unfair hordes of enemies. Since FromSoftware is the developing team, you will find similar key gameplay elements from “Dark Souls.”

In other words, you earn experience (or Souls) when you defeat enemies, but you can easily lose them if you die while exploring. Furthermore, when you rest in a bonfire, you will regain your health and potions, but almost all the enemies respawn to their starting locations.

If you’re ready to withstand the challenges of this genre, you should get Elden Ring ASAP.

Hogwarts Legacy

Many players who follow the Harry Potter book series already knew (or played) this video game when it launched in 2023. If, by any chance, you like a fantasy setting or tend to use “wizards” as the protagonists in RPGs (Role-Playing Games), you should give Hogwarts Legacy a try.

With this video game, you explore the whole Wizard’s School and the surroundings. Furthermore, you will find powerful spells and artifacts that aim to help you solve mysteries and aid you when you’re against challenging adversaries.

God of War

This video game is an epic adventure where you fight against the Nordic gods until nothing of the mythical entities remains. In this version (and any other option from the franchise), you play as Kratos. As you travel between fields of snow and dangerous caves, you will earn powerful equipment and astonishing abilities.