All Spacecrew and Neutral Super Sus Roles Explained

Super Sus has added many roles since its release. But keeping track of what each role can do can get super confusing and overwhelming to a beginner player. So we’ve compiled all Spacecrew and Neutral Super Sus roles into one neat guide, complete with a quick role description and info on what their skills can do. The Impostor roles will be in another article later.

Do note that some of these roles have to be bought. Don’t worry, we have a guide on where to top up Super Sus at the bottom of this guide too. For now, let’s get to the Super Sus roles first!

Spacecrew Roles

As a Spacecrew, your goal is to finish tasks, kick out the Impostor, and survive till the end. Here are all the Super Sus Spacecrew roles in alphabetical order.


You can spot all enemies if all tasks are completed. The downside is the enemies can spot you back when you’re one task away from finishing everything. Stay safe!


You can recognize the different footprints left behind by your crewmates. You can follow the Impostor’s trail this way. The footprints fade after some time though, so you better act fast!


Move dead bodies to the Medbay to revive them. But be careful, you might get ambushed on your way or even end up reviving one of the Impostors!


Are there suspicious people in the vents? As the Drainer, you can block vents! You can even eliminate those who are stuck inside.


In a pinch, you can fix an urgent task even when you’re far away! But you can only do this once. You can also travel through vents, although people might get suspicious of you.


Impostors will think you’re an Impostor too! Spy on them without fear because their attacks won’t be able to hurt you.


You can guard and protect any player from any attacks. Just make sure you’re not unknowingly protecting the Impostor.


Use your hacker skills in the Admin room to find out which colors are in which rooms. You can even hack the Heart Rate security to get the “time of death” records of dead crew members. This way, you can cross-check anyone who lies!


Not sure who to vote? Save up your votes for the next meeting to kick out the Impostor in one go!


The dutiful Samurai will protect other crew members from any attacks. The caveat is that there is a time limit and a range for this skill and you can’t protect yourself from attacks.


Scouts can observe better than others. But there’s a limit to your observation time, so use it wisely.


You can put up three cameras on the map and remotely watch them. Use this skill to spot anyone acting shady!


You can identify the factions of your crew. Do note that you can only use your identification skills three times.


You’re the only Spacecrew who has a weapon, which you can use to instantly eliminate the Impostor. However, you’ll get booted out if you shoot the wrong person.


All you can do is do tasks and vote during meetings. No special skills included.

Time Master

Turn back time five seconds before something happened. Deaths and movements will revert, except tasks and skills.


You can spot those in the vents. And if they eliminate you? Your death will be instantly reported!


You can pew-pew-pew anyone who uses their skill on you. Avoid shooting an innocent spacecrew, though!


Interrogate and execute anyone you think is sus. Basically, you have no chill.

Neutral Roles

As someone in the Neutral role, you can let the Spacecrew and Impostors butt heads. You don’t even have to do any tasks. You’ve got your own goal to reach anyway.


Your goal is to burn everything and everyone. To do this, stealthily douse all of the crew with gasoline. After that, you can light ‘em up!


This Super Sus role is a bit icky, albeit unique and interesting. Your goal is to eat the corpses of your crew. Eat two bodies in a 10-player game and three bodies in a 15-player game. Hope you’re hungry!


You can hypnotize another crew member to make them your minion. Then you can eliminate the rest of the crew to win.


Your goal is to get voted out during a meeting. Be suspicious and make others think you’re the Impostor or someone equally harmful. Be…super sus.


You turn into a ghost after being eliminated. But as a Phantom, you can still do tasks. Just don’t get bumped by other players!


You can use your shield skill three times to protect yourself. Do whatever it takes to survive till the end to win. Improvise, adapt, overcome!

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