EA FC 24: Playing on the Nintendo Switch

Cheap FIFA coins for sale over at U7BUY perfect for building up your EA FC ultimate team! Get it now! The EA FC 24 game will be appearing on all new generation consoles, but this also includes the newest and most popular Nintendo console, the Switch. But many may believe that the Switch may not be powerful enough to support this game, but you’d be wrong.

The Switch version of EA FC 24 is overall the same when it comes to the main features and modes of the game, but the touch screen offers some unique variety. Whenever you have your Switch in the handheld mode, then you are able to carry the game with you portably wherever you go!

With the touch screen, you are able to zoom in and out using your fingers. In order to do this, you must use 2 fingers. Bring them close together on the screen to zoom in, then away from each other to zoom out. You will be able to view the zoomed-in percentage to see how close or far away you are on the screen.

The touchscreen support applies to all of the menus in the EA FC 24. This means that you can make all of your team, mode, and PlayStyle selections all through the touchscreen using either your fingers or stylus. You can use FC 24 boosters at will to accelerate growth. However, this feature does not extend to the actual gameplay as that requires only the joysticks and buttons.

If the touchscreen accessibility is not useful to you, then there is an option in the menus to turn it off. This is available in the settings menu specifically, but always be aware that the ability is there just in case. There is both a setting for turning on and off either the touch input or the zoom in and out option.

Another advantage to playing EA FC 24 on your Switch is the ease of playing multiplayer. Every Switch has at least two available controllers. This makes it very easy to have co-op or play against your friends on your couch at home! This can be done by giving each player a small controller and turning it sideways. After that, press the prompted buttons to connect the controllers to each player and play!

When it comes to the features of EA FC 24, there is a unique mode called Local Seasons that is exclusive to Switch players. If there is another Switch player or console nearby within at least 10 meters from each other, then both players can compete! This relies solely on the Switch’s built-in Wi-Fi connection.

How the Switch’s Wi-Fi connection works is that even when you are traveling, you will still be able to play locally with people on their Switch nearby. There is no need to worry about Wi-Fi limitations with the Switch, as it will still connect to your friend’s Switch anyway as long as they are close by, making the game still available to play while passing the time on your travels!

To access the Local Seasons, you must find it listed at the end of the list of available gameplay modes. The matchmaking is as simple as pressing the “Enter Local Seasons” button to enter. The game will check your Switch’s built-in connection before searching for potential opponents. After that, you’re in the match!

Something important to keep in mind before purchasing this version of EA FC 24 is how it handles Crossplay. While all other consoles are compatible with the consoles that match their generation or even PC, the same cannot be said for the Switch. Instead, the Switch can only connect to other Switches and no other console or PC.

The problem that could possibly arise from this is the fact that you can only connect to other Switch players. This can make the online play feel a little bit limited depending on how many people decide to purchase and play this game on the Switch. That and if your friends play EA FC 24 on a different console, there is no way as of now to connect and play with them through your Switch.

Despite some limitations when it comes to Crossplay, EA FC 24 on the Nintendo Switch is still a promising and fun version to grab onto. The game offers a whole new game mode with Local Seasons to make up for the Crossplay, and it allows FIFA fans to carry and play their favorite game on the go and play with whoever they meet. Learn more about the EA FC Ultimate Team provided by U7BUY!