How To Play Rainbow Six Siege Mira

U7BUY has plenty of blogs to help give advice and information about all of your favorite games. Click here to find out who the best R6 Operators are! There are a ton of unique Rainbow Six Siege Operators with their traits and abilities in Rainbow Six Siege. As of right now, Mira R6 is one of the more popular Defender R6 Operators in the game, but how do you even play her?

R6 Mira’s main ability is her use of Black Mirror devices. Each match will start Mira R6 off with just 2 of these mirrors that can be placed on almost all types of walls and barriers. This even includes barricades placed by Rainbow Six Siege Attackers. This can make it easier to see through these previously almost indestructible barriers.

Black Mirrors are given that name thanks to them being a one-way view from the Defender side from where the mirror was placed. This means that R6 Attacker Operators cannot look through the mirror even if they try breaking it. But the mirror is also only bulletproof from one side. This is where the mirror’s true power comes in.

Any Rainbow Six Siege Defender Operator can break through the one-way Black Mirror whenever they’d like to. This can be done through their gun or even melee. Doing so will make it so that any bullet going through the window will reach the other side easily. This can be great for making sneak attacks especially when you can see who is on the other side before breaking the glass.

Another way to break the Black Mirror is by shooting or hitting the small gas canister that is located at the bottom of the glass. Just one simple hit will cause the Rainbow Six Siege mirror to create a hole to aim through. This will make the window to shoot through much smaller and more subtle to attack enemy players.

With R6 Mira’s basic usage of the Black Mirrors out of the way, we can go over the special facts and possible strategies used for them. For example, there are certain locations on R6 maps where Black Mirrors can be placed at higher heights. This can make shots made through them more hidden and harder to predict from the other side.

Mira R6 can play very well with other Rainbow Six Siege Operators on the Defender team. R6 Operators like Mute, Bandit, and Kaid all have devices and abilities that can prevent Black Mirrors from being destroyed or tampered with by Rainbow Six Siege Attackers. Mira R6’s mirrors in general can work great with the Defender team, especially when every member takes advantage of them.

There are a couple of counters that Mira R6 has against her and her Black Mirrors. If a mirror is attacked from both sides of it somehow, then the line of sight can be ruined or altered. The Rainbow Six Siege mirror can also be removed entirely if it is placed on a breakable wall. All a player would have to do is destroy the wall surrounding the mirror’s edges, so be careful!

The R6 mirrors can also prove to be an advantage for the Attacker side if not aware. For example, Attackers in R6 who are able to use stun grenades can throw them through the mirrors onto the Defender’s side. Lots of Rainbow Six Siege Attacker Operators can have ways to destroy the Black Mirrors, so it’s best to be aware of all of them.

Certain R6 Operators like Maverick have abilities or weapons that can instantly take out a Black Mirror. Maverick uses a Breaching Torch that can directly take out a mirror’s locks and immediately remove it from the wall. Even Ace’s SELMA devices can destroy the Rainbow Six Siege mirror and create an even bigger viewing point from it.

Moving on from R6 Mira’s Black Mirrors, her primary gun or weapon of choice is her Vector .45 ACP submachine gun. This gun is exceptionally powerful, making it a very popular choice. Its rate of fire is pretty high which is impressive with its high damage output. Usually, guns with faster fire rates do lower damage amounts, but this gun is different.

The Vector .45 ACP in Rainbow Six Siege also has low recoil which makes it easier for Mira R6 to recover from each shot and move quickly from it. However, this gun can struggle with a low magazine size that will require more reloads. It is also recommended to take advantage of the quick-fire rate with multiple shots out at once. Mira R6 is a popular Defender Operator for a reason and a good one at that! Her Black Mirrors can give her team a great insight and advantage against Attackers by giving them a clear and sneaky viewpoint at all times. Along with Rainbow Six Siege Mira’s powerful submachine gun, she is a force to be reckoned with, especially with the right player. Buy R6 accounts today with U7BUY!