What Are Apple AirTags And How Do They Work

In need of some gift cards for your family, friends, or yourself? U7BUY has got you covered with a long list of gift cards available for your favorite platforms. Get an Apple music gift card with U7BUY now! It is very easy to lose even our most beloved belongings, especially if you have so many! Luckily, Apple has an AirTag that allows you to keep track of anything through your iPhone.

The Apple AirTag is very small, but this makes it easier to place in smaller spaces and with items. These can be wallets, backpacks, or even little key chains. No matter what kind of item it is, there is a way to attach an AirTag to it. But what do you do when you do lose them though?

Say you’re trying to go to work in the early morning, but you have no idea where your keys are! Luckily you have an Apple AirTag attached to its key chain, so all you have to do is open the AirTag app in the items tab. The AirTag has a small speaker on its outside so you will be able to have it play a sound to hopefully hear it and find it nearby.

If the sound from the speaker isn’t enough and you can’t hear it, there is another way to find it. This is where Precision Finding can come in. Opening it will allow you to select what item you are looking for and your phone will begin to work as a compass for it. An arrow will point you in the direction of the item along with the estimated measurements of how far away you are from it.

All these features of the AirTag work directly through Bluetooth. The signals from Bluetooth go to iCloud so that they can connect straight to your phone to have their locations available on your map. Everything is kept anonymous to protect your privacy and also prevent any potential thievery.

Now say that you accidentally left your home without your wallet! With an AirTag in the wallet and with the corresponding setting on, you will be notified quickly whenever the wallet is a certain distance away from you. This can happen if you have the select item in Lost Mode, which is a good idea to always have on if you usually have an item with you at all times.

Even if you leave something like your wallet or backpack in a public area, the AirTag can not only be used to find it but for other people to help you. The Lost Mode will let you know where the last sited location was so you can get back to grab it, but the AirTag also comes with a sensor. This sensor will allow other smartphone users to scan it and receive your contact information to help find and return the item to you.

The sensor works just like how Apple Pay works in stores or establishments. Even if the person who finds your item cannot find you with the information you have set, it can still be used to help you if said person reports the item to authorities to find and return it to you. Nothing that is placed in the AirTag is ever stored for other means other than to get your items home and safe.

While uncommon, there is always the chance that someone else’s Apple AirTag could be with you. Whether this is on accident or on purpose, nobody wants to be tracked without knowing. Luckily, the Bluetooth on the sensor will immediately warn your iPhone to let you know that this AirTag is with you.

However, if you are alerted on your phone that you have another unknown AirTag with you but cannot locate it, then the tag will begin making sounds through its speaker to help you find it as quickly as possible. You can even control when a sound should be played through your Locations app.

With the basics about the Apple AirTag out of the way, it is also important to know how to connect it. Thankfully, the AirTag is easy to connect thanks to its Bluetooth since all it requires is you to pair it with the touch of a button. After that, your AirTag is ready to go and the name of the item you place it on can be named through your phone.

The Apple AirTag is great at keeping all of your items safe no matter what they may be. The tag is even waterproof and can be customized however you want! No matter where you are, you will never have to feel nervous again when leaving the house. Need to know how to check Apple gift card balance? Check out how at U7BUY!