How to Check Apple Gift Card Balance

Importance of Apple gift cards

Apple has plenty of different kinds of gift cards to give to your family, friends, and yourself. It can be pretty hard to keep up with your card sometimes, especially when it comes to checking Apple gift card balance.

As of now, there are three kinds of Apple gift cards that you can get. The Apple store gift card helps you purchase anything in the Apple store directly. This can include both in-person and online but be sure to check the guidelines of the card before shopping. The card can then be used to make major purchases at these stores.

Then there is the App Store and iTunes gift card, which is meant to be used solely online on both apps. This means that you can purchase any app through the App Store whether it be a super cool new game or a subscription on an existing one. The iTunes part of it will help you purchase not only subscriptions but also new things to listen to.

Finally, the regular Apple gift card is a mix of everything. It can help you make purchases in person at an Apple store, while also being able to buy anything at the App Store and from iTunes. However, it can also let you buy anything else that is Apple-related such as a subscription to Apple TV! We provide Apple gift cards to send to anyone you’d like through just a few clicks. Get your Apple gift card email delivery today easy!

It is important to recognize the difference between all three of the possible Apple gift cards so that way you can not only know how to use them but also help check your balance if you decide to call Apple Support. If you’d rather not be on a call or need to check the balance quickly, there is thankfully an easy way to do so online on the Apple website.

Check Apple Gift Card Balance Step by Step

The Apple website can be accessed through both your phone and on your desktop. However, the website that you enter is dependent on where you live. Simply put, the United States link to Apple won’t find your gift card balance if you live in Spain. Keep this in mind whenever you look up the website to make sure it is not linked to the wrong location, especially when using a VPN.

Once you find the right Apple website that matches your living location, you must enter your Apple ID to sign in to your Apple account. You must have an Apple ID to access the site at all. If you’re using a mobile with Face ID on, then you will be able to sign in with that instead. Otherwise, your Apple ID can be found in your Sign In & Security settings on your iPhone or Mac.

But what if you need a new Apple ID or don’t have one? Thankfully, creating one is easy. The simplest way to do so is to travel to your Sign In & Security settings and create a new Apple account. You will need to add some extra security information such as your date of birth while also making a password, but otherwise, the process is simple enough. Afterward, should you receive an email confirming it.

Even when using your Apple ID on the Apple site, you may be asked to do two-factor authentication through another device that you’re associated with. This is for security reasons to make sure that your information is protected from potential threats, so make sure to keep the possible device chosen for authentication nearby and charged for you to access quickly.

Once your Apple ID has been inputted and the authentication is cleared, you will be able to check your Apple gift card balances from there. You will be asked to enter a PIN so that the site can find the card and its data. It’s important to note that the PIN is not the card number directly, but rather it will be placed in different spots depending on the type of card you have.

To clear up confusion, we will go over each Apple card type and where the PIN is located. For physical Apple store gift cards, the PIN is typically located close to where the card would be inserted into a card reader. You will have to scratch the silver coating in order to reveal the PIN and enter it into the site.

For digital Apple store gift cards, it is a bit easier to find and access. All you must do is search for it in your email. An easy way to find it is to try searching the keywords “Apple store gift card” in the search bar of your email. From there you will be able to click the “Redeem Now” button to get your PIN.

Then there are the physical App Store and iTunes gift cards. The PIN for these is located on the top center of the cards. Just like for the physical Apple store gift cards, you will also need to scratch off the silver coating that protects the PIN. Simply grab a coin like a quarter and you’ll be able to see the PIN!

The digital App Store and iTunes cards are also like the other digital cards. Instead, you will find a barcode through your email that confirms the purchase of the card. Right above that barcode, you should be able to see the PIN. You may even copy and paste it into the PIN bar to enter it quickly.

After you find your PIN for any of the Apple gift cards you may have both physically and digitally, you will click the blue “Check Balance” button below where you enter the numbers. Doing so will immediately take you to your balance and other pieces of information you may need. If this method doesn’t work, you can always call Apple support as well, but otherwise, the process is nothing to stress over. Check out how to redeem an iTunes gift card here.