A Complete Overview of Super Sus

super sus review

Super Sus: The Next Evolution of Social Deduction Games

If you are an Among Us diehard fan, hold tight, because this game is about to get a new competitor – Super Sus. This new party game was recently released in the social deduction genre with more features, game modes and a fully immersive 3D experience. It has only been a short time since Super Sus came out, but it already has a growing user base who are mesmerized by its complexity and ingenuity.

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Unique Roles and Abilities

The plot is like “Among Us” – the team of crewmates have to find the “saboteurs” who are trying to make a mess of the mission. Nevertheless, Super Sus goes a step further with 33 distinct roles to choose from, with each role having different tasks and special skills. No more only being a background crew member!

From engineers who can fix crucial systems, to medics who can revive fallen teammates, to mystics who can teleport across the game, each role is a different layer of depth to gameplay. As a mimic, you will have an arsenal of dark powers like venting through pipes or interfering with oxygen levels.

Crewmates get assigned roles with unique abilities to help them with their investigation, for example, detectives who can track impostor movements or scientists who have the ability to scan for allies. The choice of the role is crucial and learning to play it well can make all the difference in the outcome of the battle.

Ranking System and Competitive Mode

One of the most remarkable features is the ranking system that enables you to climb the leaderboards while you try to become more proficient in deceit (or detection). The ranked mode of Super Sus is dedicated and the players must be very careful as small mistakes can cost them a lot.

With the increasing wins, you’ll move from “Dubious Crewmate” to “Suspected Impostor”, up to the most coveted ranks of “Impostor Guru” and “Crewmate Ace”. These top ranks are seen as the trademarks of a cunning and daring personality, admired, but feared at the same time.

Immersive Experience

The customizable character skins, multiple detailed maps, and an integrated voice chat system just put the icing on the cake. The total gaming experience is as cool as that. No more typing like you are running out of time to get the whole alibi out! Effortlessly use voice comms to say the right lines that would have you looking less suspicious (or use the acting skills you have been developing as an imposter).

Such a big leap was their maps with amazing 3D gadgets, and complicated designs with plenty of things to hide like vents, cameras and all. On one map, a spaceship is claustrophobic and labyrinthine while the next map is a Mars base with dangerous areas and terminal controls to operate.

Get to know every single vent cover and blind spot, and in no time you’ll be as stealthy as a ninja as you move around these dark alleys without anyone noticing. While the impostors will need to be aware of their positions and traces to avoid being detected, the rookies will have to learn all the maps by heart to catch the impostors by taking advantage of their choice of positions and of the most controlled chokepoints.

Virtual Economy and Strategic Choices

However, this virtual cosmetic and tactical economy provided to the players by the game is another of Super Sus’ most creative elements which is based on three in-game currencies: the Golden Stars, the Donuts, and the Cookies.

Golden stars are the fuel to power your way to new roles, cool character skins and cut down your excess reboot time if you are voted out too early. Donuts and Cookies are winnings you gain by spraying everything and spending them on power-ups, character upgrades and more.

Such options really help you to balance the tactical scope – get an Adrenaline Cookie to return your abilities instantly, or cash some Donuts to decrease your impostor’s time to gaining the kill. You will constantly be planning your game shopping because the shop is quite large and you will be trying to spend your funds wisely to maximize your chances of winning.

Battle of Wits and Wiles

It is true that, at the core, Super Sus still requires the same social dynamics and heated discussions that made Among Us a huge success. You will have to keep your poker face on while you do the tasks, look for the vents and cameras and above all, convincingly dodge the suspicions during those searching lobbied interrogations.

And, what makes Super Sus unique is its voice comms chat – instead of simple text chatting, you can use vocal inflections to add more emphasis to your statements. An engaged liar who is rattling off plausible-sounding lies is way more believable than a panicked person who is in a hurry to hit the keyboard.

Experienced liars can even slip in subliminal blunders or involuntary laughs in order to mislead the lobby into concentrating on the wrong party. These psychological tricks and mind games are all part of an impostor’s weaponry.

On the other side of the chasm, the seasoned crewmembers will be searching each word for a clue of deception. They’ll match the player positions, task reports, bodycam videos and environmental evidence with Sherlock-like diligence. The struggle between the tricksters and the detectors is a real mental fight of wits and deception.


Although the game is still in its early stages, Super Sus possesses all the key elements to be the next big hit of the social party game. Through its innovative roles, VR maps, virtual economy and mind-blowing mind games, it has raised the social deduction game to a whole new level of excitement.

Collect your most deviously creative group of friends and get ready to put your trust issues to the ultimate test with the game. Get extra points for when you can make your buddy’s eye twitch with doubt. The impostors versus crewmates cosmic battle has commenced – will you support the mission or betray it from the dark?

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