A Dota 2 Beginners Guide

Defense of the Ancients 2, most commonly known as Dota 2, is one of the longest-running multiplayer online battle arenas or MOBA games. This is undeniably true because of how complex and diverse everything is once you are already inside the game. The unique heroes and their abilities, paired with the amazing gameplay itself make the player stay enjoying the game.

However, Dota 2 has a relatively higher learning curve than other MOBA games. At first, it might look like a common MOBA just with a bigger map. But in reality, all aspects of the game are more complicated than you think it is.

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Getting To Know Dota 2

dota 2

The game title, Defense of the Ancient, already tells us what the game is all about. The main objective of the goal is to defend your Ancient.

dota 2 factions

Ancient is the main tower of each team. During the 5v5 battle of each team, destroying the ancient of the opposing team instantly means a win for your team. As shown in the picture, the two ancients have a significantly different appearance. This is because the ancient designs correspond to the team you belong to.

Dota 2 has two teams called the Dire and the Radiant. Dire team refers to the darker half of the map with a gloomy atmosphere. Radiant, on the other hand, is the other half of the map that gives off light and heat energy. However, there is not much difference in the gameplay whether you play on Dire or Radiant.

Dota 2 Map Lanes

dota 2 map

As you start playing Dota 2, one of the basics that you have to learn is the map lane callouts. In each team, there are three lanes that you have to remember: off lane, mid, and safe lane.

The off lane is always located on the left side of your spawn area, while the safe lane is always on the right side of the spawn area. Obviously, mid is the middle lane directly across the spawn area.

These three lanes have names not just for the sake of the callout, but these two terms are important to remember especially in choosing the hero to use on a particular lane.

Off Lane

As mentioned, the off lane is located on the left side of the spawn or the ancient. This lane is considered the harder lane to take as it is closer to the enemy’s boundary and further from your team’s creeps. In terms of retreating, it takes more time for you to go back to base if you are on this lane.

Safe Lane

Opposite the off lane, the safe lane is the easier one to take as hinted by its name. The term safe lane was coined because it is closer to the creeps and far from the enemy boundary. This means that retreating to protect the base is way faster if you are on this lane.

What are Dota 2 Runes

dota 2 runes

Unlike other MOBA games, Dota 2 is not a pay-to-win type of game which makes it better than the other. In order to rule the game, the competition will be based on how you will make your hero strong which is basically about the stats of the characters you are using.

To help players boost the stats of their heroes, there are in-game resources that can be collected and used by the players. These are called runes.

Dota 2 Runes are temporary power-ups that can be found on specific spots of the map at specific timestamps of the game.

dota 2 runes

There are three types of Dota 2 runes in the game that serve different purposes: Bounty, Powerup, and Water Runes.

Bounty Runes

dota 2 bounty runes

As the name suggests, bounty runes grant extra gold to the team of the player who managed to collect it.

dota 2 bounty rune

Bounty runes are located in both of the jungles of each team. These spawn every three minutes on the clock. Its value also increases as time progresses. At the start of the game and at the 3:00 mark, each bounty rune costs 40 gold; at the 6:00 and 9:00 mark, the value increases to 45 gold. After this, the bounty rune’s value will increase by 9 gold each time it respawns.

Power-up Runes

dota 2 runes

Other than the bounty rune, there are also power-up runes that can give you a boost for a short time. Unlike bounty runes, these power-up runes do not spawn on your own map area. Instead, these runes spawn on two spots along the river which means that your team and the enemy team will have to race in collecting these.

Here are the different kinds of powerup runes to collect.

  • Double Damage Rune: Increases base damage for 45 seconds
  • Haste Rune: Increases movement speed to maximum and immunes to slow for 22 seconds
  • Illusion Rune: Creates two controllable illusions of the hero used for 75 seconds. Clone heroes deal 35% of the unit’s damage.
  • Regeneration Rune: Gives health and mana regeneration based on the hero’s current stats. Lasts for 30 seconds.
  • Invisibility Runes: Makes the user invisible for 45 seconds.
  • Arcane Rune: Reduces the cooldown of all spells and items. Lasts for 50 seconds.

Water Rune

The water rune is closely similar to the regeneration rune. However, the water rune instantly replenishes a small amount of mana and health by 80 and 40, respectively.

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